5 Internet Safety Tips to Keep Your PC Secure Online

By Anna Lind 30 August 2012 in Privacy & Security
Do you have a good antivirus program installed on your computer? If you do - great! This is an important and necessary step in protecting your PC from cyber threats. However, it is not the only thing you can do and you should not rely on antivirus software alone for keeping your system secure. Here are a few tips that can help ensure your Windows system never falls victim to cyber criminals.
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How to defrag your drives the right way: 7 defrag tricks to learn today

By Anna Lind 15 August 2012 in Defragmentation
Defragmenting your hard drive may be one of the quickest and easiest, yet effective ways to boost your computer's speed and improve performance. With hundreds of defragmenters available on the market, most offering multiple defrag and optimize options, how do you know what is right for your PC and what features you should use to maintain your hard drive in the best shape? In this article I will show you how to defrag your drives properly through 7 tricks that will help you get the results you are looking for. So roll up your sleeves and let's defrag!
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5 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Auslogics BoostSpeed Trial

Did you download the free trial of Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 to see what the program can do, but found it a little overwhelming? Not everyone sees right away all the things you can do in the free trial. We decided to help those of you who are downloading the program for the first time to test as much as possible of the program’s potential, so you can see the benefits it may give your system. Here are a few simple tricks to guide you through the trial.
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File Recovery Software: an essential Desktop utility

14 February 2012 in File Recovery
Almost everybody seems to have their firewall set up, and at least one anti-virus program running to protect their computer and files. And that’s a good thing. We have more and more data stored on our computers and protecting personal files is something we should take seriously.
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4 Tips How to Choose the Best File Recovery Software

18 January 2012 in File Recovery
File Recovery seems to be big business. A simple Google search for ‘file recovery’ will show you at least eight advertisements and more than 36,200,000 search results. How to find the best product to recover your deleted files? We've put together a little list that will help you choose the right product. For a good price.
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