Don't Buy a New PC in 2015 Until You Read This!

By Anna Lind 21 January 2015 in Computer Optimization
Does your old computer’s performance make your face twitch and your hand reach for a hammer? Are you seriously considering shelling out a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars for a new computer? Don’t do it just yet! Read this article in its entirety, and it will help you save money or at least wait out the months or weeks left before Windows 10 is released to the general public.
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What Is the Best Registry Cleaner 2015?

By Liz Cornwell 11 January 2015 in Cleanup & Repair
What is the best registry cleaner? When your computer becomes slow and cleanup and defrag doesn’t solve all your problems, a good thing to try is registry cleanup. Deleting obsolete entries from your PC’s registry will make your software and operating system respond better and your computer run faster. But what is the best registry cleaner to choose? Let’s find out.
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What Is the Best Computer to Buy in 2015?

What is the best computer to buy? So you’re thinking of getting yourself a new computer. Have you already decided which model you are going to get? If yes, then the only question for you is to find the retailer who is offering the best price. But what if you don’t know what is the best computer to buy? Well, there are several factors that you might want to consider before choosing your ideal laptop. Let’s have a look at what you should keep in mind when buying a new computer.
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What Is the Best Internet Browser?

By Liz Cornwell 29 December 2014 in Computer Optimization
What is the best internet browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome? We all want to get the most out of browsing the Web. That’s why everybody is constantly looking for a better, faster browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the king of the hill, as it has the largest market share. However, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are quickly becoming more and more popular. But what is the best Internet browser? Let’s find out!
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How to Speed Up Network

By Liz Cornwell 26 December 2014 in Performance Tweaks
How to speed up network? Nothing is as annoying as slow network connection. Even if you have good hardware, you will not enjoy the real speed of your computer if your Internet connection is slow. Sometimes the only way to make things faster is to upgrade your broadband plan. However, there are some tips how to speed up network that really make a difference without costing anything. Here they are.
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