Did you get the Steam disk write error when you tried installing or updating games? If so, you’re not alone! This is one of the common issues for Steam gamers. 

But the good news is that there are several ways to solve this problem. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the disk write error on Steam.

If you’re ready, let’s begin. 

What Does Steam Disk Write Error Mean?

The disk write error on Steam prevents you from updating and downloading games on your hard disk or solid-state drive (SSD). 

You can’t install new games or update current ones until you fix this disk write error. 

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Reasons Why Steam Disk Write Error Occurs

There are several causes for the Steam download disk write error. Let’s go through the common ones:

1. Interference with antivirus software

Sometimes, your antivirus software can cause disk write errors on Steam, which can prevent you from downloading games

 To fix the Steam update disk write error, you’ll need to whitelist the game and Steam.

2. Corrupted game installation files

The Steam disk write error usually occurs when a game installation file becomes corrupted. This may disrupt the installation process. 

If this is the primary problem, you can start Steam integrity tests to troubleshoot the error.

3. Disk issues or failing drives

If you see the same error message when playing various games on Steam, it could be a disk fault on your PC. A failing disk can cause several different disk-related problems.

How to Fix Disk Write Error on Steam?

Fixing the disk write error on Steam is usually easy. Follow the methods below to get rid of the Steam update disk write error:

Make sure you have adequate space on your hard disk before proceeding with the solutions below. If you don’t have enough space, try deleting some games or apps. 

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Solution 1: Restart your computer and Steam

Sometimes, disk write errors are caused by temporary issues with the Steam client. You can resolve this issue by restarting the Steam application and computer.

Here’s how to restart Steam:

  • PressCtrl + Shift + Escon your keyboard to open the Task Manager.
  • Search for Steam in theProcessestab. 
  • Right-click on it and select End task.” 
Processes end task

After closing the program, restart your computer and check whether the Steam download disk write error has been fixed. 

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Solution 2: Run Steam as an administrator

Running Steam as an administrator gives it complete access to your system, allowing it to write data to your hard disk.

This can help you avoid disk write errors and continue using the platform to complete your work uninterrupted.

Here’s how to run Steam as an administrator:

  • Type Steamin the search bar, right-click, and select Run as administrator.” 
Run Steam as administrator
  • Click “Yes” when prompted to grant the required permissions. 

Try installing or updating the game on Steam to see if the disk write error still occurs. If it doesn’t work, check the next solution.

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Solution 3: Check the Steam folder’s Windows permission

You can experience the disk read error may if your user account doesn’t have write access to the Steam library folder. 

Here’s how to fix the problem: 

  • Press Windows + E to open File Explorer
  • Search for the Steam folder on your computer. It’s usually located in C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files.
  • Right-click on Steam and chooseProperties.” 
  • Go to the General tab, uncheck the Read-onlybox, and press Apply.”
Steam properties attributes read only
  • Next, click the Securitytab. 
  • Choose your user account underGroups or user names.” 
  • Click Edit.” 
  • Enable the Full controloption and selectApply.” 
Steam properties and permissions

Solution 4: Check the integrity of your game files

You can check the integrity of your game files if all the required files are present and stable.

This process searches through your game files to identify issues causing the Steam disk write error. Here’s how to verify your game files’ integrity:

  • Launch Steam and click on the Librarytab. 
  • Right-click on the game, giving the disk write error, and select Properties.” 
Steam library properties
  • Select Local Files and clickVerify integrity of game files.”
Steam verify integrity of game files
  • Steam will fix and restore any files missing. After the verification, check to see if you can download or update the game. 

Solution 5: Delete the 0 KB files

Sometimes, the 0 KB files on your PC can cause the Steam download disk write error. Check to see if there are any 0 KB files and delete them.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. 
  • Type %ProgramFiles(x86)%” in the search box and press Enter.” 
Run program files
  • Search for the Steam folder and click on it. Then, double-click onsteamapps and select common.” 
  • Scroll down and check if you can find a file size of 0 KB and select it. 
  • Right-click on it and selectDelete.” 

Now, check if you can download or update the game without any disk write error. 

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Solution 6: Run the “flushconfig” command

The “flushconfig” command helps to reset Steam’s configuration settings to its default value. Here’s how to run the command to fix the Steam disk write error:

  • First, close the Steam program if it’s opened. 
  • Press Windows + R to open the run dialog box. 
  • Type steam://flushconfig (without quotes) and press Enter.”
Steam flushconfig
  • If a prompt window appears, click OK.” 

This command will delete its local download cache, which may fix the disk write error on Steam. Try updating and downloading the game to see if the problem has been resolved. 

Solution 7: Remove any corrupted files from the “content_log” file

Corrupted files can also cause the Steam disk write error You can find these files in the “content_log” file. 

It records every file downloaded during installation. Deleting these files may help resolve the problem. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Go to theProgram Files (x86) folder and double-click thelogsfolder. 
Steam logs
  • Search and double-click the content_log file. You can use Notepad to open the text document. 
Steam content log
  • Search the logs for a failed to write error. Alternatively, press Ctrl + F in Notepad to use the Findfeature to find the error.
  • If you find an error, follow the error path to delete the corrupted file. 

Restart your computer and start updating or downloading the game to see if the error occurs. 

Solution 8: Remove disk write protection

If your disk is configured as write-protected, it may also cause the disk write error on Steam. Removing disk write protection may help resolve the problem.

Here’s how to fix the disk write error on Steam by removing disk write protection:

  • Type command prompt in the search bar, right-click, and select Run as administrator.” 
Run Command Prompt As Admin
  • Enter the following command. 

list disk

select disk # 

attributes disk clear readonly
Enter one command and press Enter before proceeding to the next. Also, replace # with the hard drive letter the error is occurring on.

Restart your computer after executing all the commands. 

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Solution 9: Disable your antivirus program

An antivirus program can sometimes trigger the Steam disk write error. You may need to disable it to determine whether it’s the cause.

You can exempt Steam from the programs your antivirus blocks. 

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Solution 10: Turn off Windows firewall

Windows firewall can sometimes prevent Steam from connecting to its servers, affecting its ability to write to the disk. 

However, remember to turn on the firewall after updating or downloading the game. 

Don’t disable Windows Firewall permanently because it leaves your computer vulnerable to cyber security threats. You must turn it back on when you fix the disk write error. 
  • Press Windows + Rto open the Run dialog box. 
  • Type firewall.cpl (without quotes) and click “OK.”
Run firewall
  • ClickTurn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.” 
Turn Windows Defender Firewall on off
  • Click Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for private and public network settings and select OK.” 
Turn off Windows Defender Firewall

Steam Disk Write Error: Fixed

Updating or downloading games on Steam is a common and simple process. However, the Steam disk write error can disrupt your gaming experience, which can be frustrating.

Use the solutions discussed in this guide to resolve the issue. Go through each of them and find the one that works for you.

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The Steam disk read error happens when Steam can’t correctly read data from the hard drive. This prevents you from running or updating specific games. Damaged game files and lack of permission can cause the disk read error on Steam. 
There’s a low chance that changing the region settings can directly fix disk write errorsChanging the region setting can sometimes fix problems with specific games or geo-blocked content. However, it doesn’t directly address disk write errors. The disk write error on Steam usually comes from conflicts within the Steam application or technical problems with the storage device. 
Yes. The Steam disk write error can occur when installing a game or updating a process. Steam writes data to your hard drive when you install or update a game. So, when there is not enough disk space, damaged files or software conflicts can cause the Steam disk write error. Also, corrupted installation packages or incomplete downloads can cause disk write errors in the game files.