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Please look through the Frequently Asked Questions first – many common customer inquiries are already answered there.

The form below is for contacting Auslogics with non-technical support questions only. Inquiries submitted using this form will NOT go to tech support, so sending a support-related question using this form may result in a delayed response or no response.

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If you are having an issue with the system or one of our products, please provide us with as many details as possible.

- What were the actions performed with BoostSpeed (or any other our product)? Have you tried reverting changes with Rescue Center? Did it help? What is the text of error messages if there are any?
- If BoostSpeed skips some items it has found previously, what group do they belong to and how many of them are there?

These simple details would provide us with some basic background and would allow us to resolve your issue much faster.
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