Make Your Windows "Turbo Windows"

Windows is a complicated system that has thousands of different settings, options, advantages and disadvantages. Its default configuration is not the fastest one because of the one-size-fits-all approach.

So, if you want your PC to run faster and better, there is lots of room for tweaking, disabling things, and improving the way your Windows operates. We are going to show you how you can speed up computer performance and make your Windows “Turbo Windows”.

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How Can I Speed Up My Computer

Most people know that adjusting Windows visual effects can speed up computer performance. But there are a lot more things you can tweak to make your computer super fast.

How to Upgrade Ram

Most computers can be made faster by simply performing some cleanup and maintenance. But sometimes speeding up a computer takes a bit more than removing junk files, running disk defrag, disabling unnecessary startup items, and tweaking Windows settings. That’s why you should consider adding more RAM (Random Access Memory).

Change BIOS Settings

Now is the time to speed up your computer even more by delving under the hood and tweaking some advanced settings. One of the more advanced optimization techniques is BIOS tuneup. Here is how you can configure BIOS for best performance.

How Do I Defrag My Computer

Most people tend to ignore minor speed losses and only notice that their computer is slowing down when opening files and software starts taking ages. Simple defragmentation and hard drive optimization can fix the problem.
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