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Manual Internet Optimizer as a part of Auslogics BoostSpeed – Get Better Control Over Your Network Settings

These days, most of the things we do on our PCs are done online. Naturally, it can be frustrating when your connection speed is slower than molasses in January. Thankfully, there is an easy and convenient way to optimize your Internet settings.

How to increase internet speed in Windows?

You can use Internet Optimizer feature to improve your network configurations and enjoy the best speed possible.

This tool has an automated feature that lets you apply Internet optimization tweaks by clicking a few intuitive buttons. On the other hand, if you want more control over network settings, then you may use Manual Internet Optimizer instead.

How to speed up internet manually?

Now, if you’re up for the challenge of manually optimizing your Internet speed, you need to understand how it works. The first thing you must know is that speed has nothing to do with how fast the Internet functions. It is not synonymous to how many miles per hour your motorcycle or car can go. The speed of your Internet connection is essentially the bandwidth allocated to you.

The amount of data that can be delivered to you is what we refer to as ‘bandwidth’. Usually, it is measured in seconds. For instance, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allocates 5 Mbps to you, then you will receive up to 5 megabytes of data for every second.

To give you a better insight on how bandwidth works, let us use a freeway as an example. Let us say that the cars are the data delivered to you and they’re running at the same rate. So, if you want more cars on the freeway, you need to widen the road or add lanes to it.

The same is true for your data. If you want to get more data, you need to get a bigger bandwidth. In a way, a 1 Mbps connection is like a single-lane freeway where only one vehicle can pass through. So, if you are going to download a photo that is 5 MB in size, the process will take around five seconds to complete. On the other hand, if you have a 5 Mbps bandwidth, you can get the image in a second.

The point is, your connection seems to run faster only because more data can be sent to you at a time. Technically speaking, it is not operating at a higher speed—it is running more efficiently by delivering larger data within a short time.

Factors that can affect your internet speed

Sometimes, you may notice that you are getting a lower bandwidth or speed than what was promised to you by your ISP. Well, there could be a number of reasons behind this, including the following:

Your Network Service

The type of connection you have plays a crucial role in how fast your Internet will be. Keep in mind that some bandwidths cannot be increased or widened. To some extent, a DSL connection is a perfect example.

Congested Traffic

Alright, the easiest analogy for an Internet connection is indeed traffic on a freeway. Now, like a freeway, the Internet can also become congested. The more data (or vehicles) running through it, the more bandwidth (or lanes of a freeway) it will use. Eventually, all the bandwidth will be used, causing the data to take more time to get to you.

Usually, traffic congestion happens during peak hours when everyone goes home and logs onto the Internet. However, this can also occur when there are several people connected to your network.

Faulty Equipment

Imagine a five-lane freeway that suddenly closed four lanes due to an accident. Of course, all the vehicles will be forced to bottleneck. Consequently, they will take longer to get to their destination. Now, the same is true for your equipment. It may not be configured optimally. On the other hand, it may be outdated and malfunctioning. These factors can affect how fast you receive your data. Let’s move to the question: how to boost internet in Windows 10?

Use boostspeed’s manual internet optimizer to tweak your network settings

If you are getting a lower speed than your allocated bandwidth, you can still optimize your network settings to enjoy a faster data transfer. As an advanced PC user, you can take advantage of Auslogics BoostSpeed’s Manual Internet Optimizer. This feature lets you gain full control over your network configuration. You will receive suggestions on how you can tweak the settings and optimize them for better speed. So, whether your Internet Explorer extension manager is overloaded with add-ons or you’re not getting the appropriate bandwidth from your ISP, Manual Internet Optimizer will help you solve the issue.

To use this utility, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch BoostSpeed, then click All Tools.
  2. Go to the Internet & Browser Tools area to access Manual Internet Optimizer. The utility will open in a new tab.
  3. You will be shown several categories for tweaking.
  4. On the right section, you can select an option to see its details.
  5. Browse through all the tweak options and read their information to determine which ones to apply.

Keep in mind that Manual Internet Optimizer requires advanced PC skills. So, proceed with caution. Once the optimization process is complete, try checking your Internet speed again and see if there are significant improvements. And if you need to optimize your system, we recommend that you use Auslogics BoostSpeed’s Optimize tab to get the best results.

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Industry Acclaimed

Auslogics software is recognized by leading IT magazines and online resources

Mark Oakley, Micro Mart (issue 1035, p.56)
"This system optimization tool suite takes an everything-plus-the-kitchen-approach to cleaning, optimizing, and potentially speeding up your PC. Auslogics BoostSpeed includes modules and wizards for just about any kind of tweak or optimization you can imagine..." "It is almost impossible to manually remove junk files and registry errors, but there are some handy tools out there that can do it for you. One of them is Aulsogics BoostSpeed. With this program you can maintain your PC at top speed with just a click of a button once a week." "To prevent system slowdown from happening, regular defragmentation of your disk and registry is recommended. You can defragment your disk with the built-in tool from Microsoft, however we recommend using the faster and more avdnaced version in Auslogics BoostSpeed." "Removing junk files manually can be a tedious process, but a nifty software from down under called Auslogics BoostSpeed can do it for you automatically. It will remove junk files and optimize the one-sit-fit-all Windows settings to your hardware. For additional speed boost it will fix registry errorrs and optimize your Internet settings." "Of all the optimisation tools I've tested over the past few years, I'm happy to write that Auslogics BoostSpeed is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly, ... I couldn't recommend it highly enough." "BoostSpeed is an effective all-encompassing utility suite, combining some of Auslogics' popular freeware titles with services that they don't offer elsewhere... No doubt, BoostSpeed gives you your money's worth." "Another source of identity theft are files with sensitive information. Simply deleting them doesn't make them go for good. It's quite easy to "undelete" them and use in ways you probably will not be happy about. But if you delete a file, or a folder with Auslogics' File Shredder, you can be sure that they will be impossible to recover." "This meticulously written application is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to boost their computer for peak performance without costly hardware upgrades. BoostSpeed gives you a combination of 15 precision-engineered modules to clean-up and defragment your computer disks, fix registry errors and speed up internet connection." "Think of the best PC speedup suite you've tried. And then add more. More tools. More features. More depth, more extras, and more thought behind everything. That'll give you some idea of what to expect from this excellent program..." "All in one performance tool for your PC that is very easy to use." "Auslogics BoostSpeed will give you the ideal solution to keep your computer running smooth and fast." "Auslogics BoostSpeed can protect you from identity theft. Being a useful computer optimization tool, it also includes a number of very useful privacy and security applications. It offers advanced protection where anti-virus software can't help." "You can clean up, optimize and defragment your PC using Auslogics's OneButton Checkup. Tests showed an impressive performance improvement on a 4-year old laptop and its optimization techniques should work for a much newer computer, too." "Auslogics BoostSpeed is a reliable utility that can optimize Windows 10 with one click. It helps to remove junk, clean your registry, defragment drives, disable unnecessary apps, and much more." "... Any maintenance or optimisation task can be easily handled with this powerful and effective software suite. Add to that the privacy protection, data recovery and over a dozen other tools, and you will hardly ever need to look for another program to keep your PC humming along nicely."
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Version | 38.1MB | Released: 07.11.2023.
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

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