How to Recover Deleted Files

By Liz Cornwell 18 June 2014 in File Recovery
If you've just hit "Yes" on the dialog saying "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?", don't despair! Even if, to all outside appearances, the file is completely gone, recovering deleted files usually takes just a few simple steps.
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File Recovery Software: an essential Desktop utility

14 February 2014 in File Recovery
Almost everybody seems to have their firewall set up, and at least one anti-virus program running to protect their computer and files. And that’s a good thing. We have more and more data stored on our computers and protecting personal files is something we should take seriously.
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4 Tips How to Choose the Best File Recovery Software

18 January 2014 in File Recovery
File Recovery seems to be big business. A simple Google search for ‘file recovery’ will show you at least eight advertisements and more than 36,200,000 search results. How to find the best product to recover your deleted files? We've put together a little list that will help you choose the right product. For a good price.
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Data File Recovery Tips

By Liz Cornwell 26 January 2011 in File Recovery
Oops! Did you accidentally click "Yes" when your computer asked if you really wanted to delete a file, instead of "No"? Don't stress. If you do something about it fast enough, data file recovery is easy. Here's a quick guide to file recovery in Windows.
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Digital Photo Recovery Tips

By Liz Cornwell 22 July 2010 in File Recovery
If you've accidentally deleted a photo, that usually isn't the end of the road. If your delete is fairly recent, digital photo recovery software has an excellent chance of recovering your photos - just follow these simple steps.
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