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How to pair Apple AirPods with a Windows 10 PC?

By Eunice Samson | March 19, 2019 |

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There were intense controversies surrounding AirPods the first time Apple introduced them to the world. However, once the general public got hold of them, the product quickly became one of the most popular accessories from the tech company. Of course, AirPods were specifically designed for Apple products. That said, many Microsoft users still wonder, “Can I pair AirPods with Windows 10?” or ‘Do Apple AirPods work with Windows 10 PCs?’

If you’re curious to know about these Apple accessories, it is only natural to ask, “Can I connect AirPods to a Windows laptop?” Well, you will be glad to know that the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” Learning how to connect AirPods with your Windows PC is not an intuitive process. After all, the procedure requires you to use the charging case along with the audio accessories. Nonetheless, once you have the instructions handy, it will be easy for you to pair AirPods with Windows 10.

Steps for Pairing AirPods with a Windows Device

  1. The first thing you need to do is insert your AirPods into the charging case. You need to ensure that they are at least partially charged.
  2. Take the AirPod charging case and open its lid. Note: Do not remove the AirPods just yet.
  3. Look at the rear side of the charging case, then tap and hold the circular button you see. Do that for a couple of seconds until you see the light inside the case blinking in white.
  4. Now, you need to activate Bluetooth on your Windows computer. To do this, go to the taskbar, then click the Bluetooth icon. You can also press Windows Key+S on your keyboard, then type “Bluetooth and other devices settings” (no quotes) inside the Search box. Press Enter to open your Bluetooth settings.
  5. On the right pane, click the ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ option.
  6. On the Add a Device page, select Bluetooth.
  7. From the list of discoverable items, click AirPods.
  8. Wait for a couple of seconds until the confirmation message for the connection appears. Once you see it, you have successfully paired your AirPods with your computer.

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If you are getting a connection error message, all you need to do is close the lid of your AirPods’ charging case. You also need to turn off your computer’s Bluetooth. Once you’ve done those, you simply need to repeat the steps we provided. After getting the connection confirmation, you can remove your AirPods from the charging case, then plug them to your ears. You can now use your wireless Apple earphones with your Windows PC!

Reconnecting Paired AirPods and a Windows Computer

Whenever you remove your AirPods from the charging case, they should connect to your PC automatically within a few seconds. However, if for some reason, this does not happen, you can try reconnecting them by following the instructions below:

  1. Once again, you need to open the Bluetooth settings of your Windows computer. To do this, just follow Step 4 from the instructions above.
  2. Now, go to the right pane and scroll down until you get to the Audio section below the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ category. Click the AirPods listing.
  3. Reconnect your AirPods and your computer by clicking the Connect button.
  4. If you are wearing your AirPods, you will hear an audio message confirming the connection. On the Bluetooth Settings window, you will read ‘Connected voice, music’ below the AirPods listing.

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