There is more room for improvement on our computers than most of us realize. As they get older, we subconsciously become resigned to them performing a little poorly, becoming less stable, and being less secure.

With the right tools, you can eke out more than you imagine from even an old computer. There are so many tweaks and toggles that you may not be aware of. When applied, these tricks can speed up your PC beyond your wildest dreams and make it run at something close to its speed when it was just a few months old.

The Maintain tab in Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 is a suite of powerful tools that can collectively give your PC the kind of boost that will make you whoop for joy. They can optimize your PC for better performance and stability while enhancing the security and giving it a boost for internet activity.

Use the tools in the Maintain tab of Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 to apply various tweaks for Windows 10.


Resolve PC Issues with Auslogics BoostSpeed

Besides cleaning and optimizing your PC, BoostSpeed protects privacy, diagnoses hardware issues, offers tips for boosting speed and provides 20+ tools to cover most PC maintenance and service needs.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a product of Auslogics, certified Microsoft® Silver Application Developer
  1. Launch BoostSpeed and select the Maintain tab.
  1. The tool will look for tweaks and tricks that can improve your PC in the following areas:
  • Scans your PC to discover settings and other tweaks that can be enabled or disabled to boost performance.
  • Scans the computer to figure out tweaks that can enhance system stability.
  • Scans the PC for potential sources of security vulnerabilities.
  • Checks connection settings for the PC and suggests ways to improve network stability, speed and security.
  1. Toggle the “Include category” icon for all the four categories to Enabled. The toggle should turn green. Click “Show details” to learn about what will be scanned under each category.
  1. Click the Scan Now button to check the PC for potential enhancements.
  1. Go through the recommendations to learn all the things that the tool thinks you can do to boost your PC. If you don’t wish to accept a tweak recommendation, uncheck the box next to that tweak.
  1. Click the “Apply all selected tweaks” button to apply the selected tweaks and tricks to your PC.

Still in the Maintain tab, you can enable Cat Mode to protect your keyboard against random key presses from unattended pets or kids. There are times you may wish to leave your work and embark on a quick dash outside. This mode ensures that your screen will remain just how you left it when you come back.

You can set up Cat Mode to show a notification on the screen when the mode is enabled, set the amount of time before Cat Mode becomes active, and change the key combination to regain control of your keyboard.

  1. To begin, toggle Activate Cat Mode to Enabled. The Cat Mode option is on the right side of the Maintain tab.
  1. Click the “Options and details” link to set your preferences.
  • PC idle time after which this mode will be enabled. Set the number of minutes from screen idle to Cat Mode.
  • Key combination to turn off Cat Mode. Click the dropdown arrow and choose any one of five key combinations to use when you wish to regain control of the keyboard.

You can tick the “Show more info on screen when locked” checkbox to display a notification on the current screen when Cat Mode is enabled.

With Auslogics BoostSpeed, you can also tweak, clean and optimize a Windows 10 computer without actually downloading the software on it. At the bottom right of the Maintain tab is a big blue Create BoostSpeed Portable link. You can use it to create a portable version of the tool to a flash drive. You can plug that into any old computer and optimize it from there.