How can I open the Control Panel on Windows 10?

By Eunice Samson | February 12, 2019 |

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The Control Panel is one of the most convenient and comprehensive tools for modifying various settings on Windows 10. It functions as the centralized configuration area which allows users to change almost any aspect of the operating system. Through the Control Panel, you can adjust network settings, keyboard and mouse function, passwords and user accounts, desktop backgrounds, and speech recognition, among many others. Basically, if you want to modify how something looks or works on Windows, you can think of the Control Power as the perfect place to perform such actions.

In this post, we are going to discuss the many uses of this feature. Since there are several instances which will require you to access it, we will also teach you how to open the Control Panel on Windows 10, using different methods.

The Many Uses of the Control Panel

In essence, the Control Panel is simply a collection of shortcuts that will bring you to individual components, or applets, in the OS. So, when you are using this feature, you are actually utilizing an applet to modify how a specific part of Windows works. Here are just some of the functions you can perform via the Control Panel:

  • Create a Password for Your Account
  • Change Your Password
  • Change Another User’s Password
  • Remove Your Password
  • Adjust the Date and Time
  • Configure Regional and Language Settings
  • Launch Device Manager
  • Adjust Color Quality
  • Adjust Screen Resolution
  • Adjust Keyboard and Mouse Settings
  • Change Background, Screensaver, and Windows Sounds Settings
  • Show Hidden Files
  • Check the Type of Processor Your System Has
  • Reinstall a Program
  • Change Your Product Key

Now that you have an idea of how comprehensive the functions of the Control Panel are, you might want to know the different ways of accessing it. Check out our guide below to learn how to open the Control Panel on Windows 10.

How to Open the Control Panel from Cortana Search

  1. Go to your taskbar and click Cortana Search.
  2. Now, type “Control Panel” (no quotes) in the box.
  3. Select the Control Panel from the results.

How to Open the Control Panel from the Run Dialog Box

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key+R. Doing so should launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Once the Run dialog box is up, type “Control Panel” (no quotes).
  3. Click OK to launch the Control Panel.

How to Open the Control Panel Via Command Prompt

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key+R on your keyboard.
  2. Inside the box, type “cmd” (no quotes), then hit Enter.
  3. Once Command Prompt is up, type “start control” (no quotes), then press Enter.

How to Open the Control Panel Via the Desktop Toolbar on the Taskbar

  1. Right-click any empty area on your taskbar.
  2. Click Toolbars from the list to see the additional options.
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  4. Select Desktop from the context menu. After performing this step, you will see the Desktop toolbar on the taskbar.
  5. Click the arrow on the Desktop toolbar, then hover your mouse pointer over Control Panel. You will see shortcuts to essential items in the Control Panel. On the other hand, if you want more options to appear, select All Control Panel Items.

How to Open the Control Panel Via the Start Menu

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows icon on your taskbar.
  2. Scroll down until you find Windows System. Click it to expand its contents.
  3. Select the Control Panel from the options.
  4. If you frequently access the Control Panel, you will see it under the Most Used segment in the Start Menu.

How to Open the Control Panel Through Shell Command

  1. Press Windows Key+R on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Copy the Shell command line below, then paste it in the Run dialog box:


  1. Click OK to open the Control Panel.

How to Open the Control Panel via the Task Manager

Did you know that you can also launch the Control Panel through the Task Manager? It is quite easy to do. Simply follow the steps below to proceed:

  1. Right-click any empty area on your taskbar.
  2. Select the Task Manager from the options.
  3. Once the Task Manager is open, go to the menu bar and click File.
  4. Select Run a New Task from the sub-menu.
  5. Once the New Task box appears, type “control.exe” (no quotes), then hit Enter.

How to Open the Control Panel Using the Default Shortcut Path

  1. Launch the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key+R on your keyboard.
  2. Inside the box, paste the default shortcut path below:


  1. Press Enter to launch the Control Panel.

How to Open the Control Panel Via the Settings App

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key+I. Doing so will open the Settings app.
  2. In the Search box, type “Control Panel” (no quotes), then hit Enter.

There you have it…the various methods for opening the Control Panel. If you want the quickest way to access this feature, you simply need to press Windows Key on your keyboard, type “cp” (no quotes), then hit Enter.

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