When IP addresses conflict, you’ll get the “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error message. It means your computer’s IP address and one of your devices’ IP addresses are on the same network. 

When you try to connect to the network, Windows discovers an IP address that is the same as the IP address of another device. This guide will show you how to fix IP address conflict

Let’s begin. 

Why Do a Windows IP Address Conflicts Occur?

Your computer’s IP address acts as a unique identification when it’s connected to a network. Each device has a unique IP address, which makes it easier for the network to distinguish between them.

When the “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error occurs, it means your IP address is already used on the network. Private IP addresses must all be unique; otherwise, problems may occur.

For example, two unique IP addresses will be assigned when you connect a PC and a smartphone to the same network. 

However, it’ll be impossible for the network to distinguish between these devices if they have the same IP address. Your router or your computer’s settings may cause an IP address conflict.

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How to Fix IP Address Conflict

To know how to fix IP address conflict, check the solutions discussed below. Go through them and find the one that best works in your situation:

Method 1: Restart Your Router

Your router’s responsibility is to assign unique numbers (IP addresses) to each device connected to your network. Your router may occasionally make a mistake and assign the same number to two devices. You get the “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error when that occurs. Here’s how to resolve the problem:

Find the power button on your router and switch it off. This will temporarily halt the network and turn off your internet. Wait for a while, maybe five minutes. It generally gives your router and network enough time to rest.

Next, restart your router. Check to see if the problem has been resolved. You should reconnect your devices to the network if the problem is unresolved.

Method 2: Disable and Re-Enable Your Network Adapter

A network adapter is the component of your computer that enables communication with a network or the internet. Your computer uses a wireless network adapter if you connect over Wi-Fi. 

Your PC uses a wired network adapter, typically via USB, if you connect via cable, such as Ethernet. If you use a USB or wireless network adapter, disabling and re-enabling it may resolve IP conflict. 

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However, you’ll need local user and administrator permissions to do this. Here’s how to proceed: 

  • Press “Windows + R” to open the Run dialog box 
  • Type “ncpa.cpl” and click “OK” to open the “Network Connections” window.

disable IPv6 “ncpa.cpl”

  • Right-click on the adapter, and click “Disable” to disconnect you from the internet.

Disable Wi-Fi on Windows 10

  • Right-click the same adapter and click “Enable” to re-enable your network adapter.
  • Restart your device and connect to the internet. Then, check whether the “IP conflict detected” error has been resolved. 

Method 3: Release and Renew Your IP Address

This method effectively resolves network issues, especially those involving IP addresses. You can use specific commands to release your current IP address and request that your router provide your device with a new IP address.

Remember that you must have a local user account with administrative rights to use this method. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Type “Command Prompt” in your search bar, right-click, and select “Run as administrator.” 

Run Command Prompt as Admin

  • Type in the three commands below without the quotes, and ensure to press “Enter” after each one:

“netsh int IP reset c:\resetlog.txt”

Command Prompt resetlog

“ipconfig /release”

Command Prompt Release command

“ipconfig /renew”

Command Prompt renew command

Check whether the “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error has been resolved. If not, check the other methods below. 

Method 4: Disable or Remove the Static IP

Some users or computers prefer static IP addresses because they simplify locating particular network devices.

However, when PCs use static IP address, which isn’t supposed to change, the IP address conflict increases. And that’s because other devices can’t change their IP addresses quickly to avoid the complications.

So you can do away with the static IP address. Your computer will have a higher probability of obtaining a functional IP address because it may now accept new ones.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Press “Windows + R” to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type “ncpa.cpl” and click “OK” to open the “Network Connections” window.

disable IPv6 “ncpa.cpl”

  • Right-click on the adapter and select “properties.”

Wi-Fi Properties Windows 10

  • Double-click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).”

Windows Internet Protocol Version


  • Choose both “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and “Obtain an IP address automatically” from the “General” tab.

Open an IP Address Automatically

Method 5: Change DNS Servers

With the help of the Domain Name System (DNS) server, web browsers can more easily access various websites.

An “IP conflict detected” error may occur if your DNS server settings are incorrect or the server is experiencing issues. Fortunately, updating the DNS server address will resolve this. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Press “Windows + I” to open the “Settings” app. 
  • Click “Network & Internet” and select “Advanced network settings.

Advanced Network Settings Windows 10

  • Click on “More network adapter options.

More network adapter options Windows 10

  • Right-click your Internet connection and select “Properties.”

Wi-Fi Properties Windows 10

  • Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).” 
  • Click the “Use the following DNS server address” option.
  • Type “” in the “Preferred DNS server” field and “” in the “Alternate DNS server” field.

Internet Protocol Verson Alternate Configuration

  • Click “OK” to save the changes and check if the issues have been resolved. 

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Method 6: Disable ipV6

The Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a protocol that the Internet uses to assign IP addresses to devices and direct Internet traffic. The “IP conflict detected” error may appear when your computer uses IPv6. You can fix this by turning off IPv6 in your device’s settings.

  • Press “Windows key + R” to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type “ncpa.cpl” and click “OK” to open the “Network Connections” window.

disable IPv6 “ncpa.cpl”

  • Uncheck “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” to disable the IPv6 on your device.

Wi-Fi properties Internet Protocol

Restart your computer and check if the Windows IP address conflict has been resolved. 

Method 7: Use a VPN Always to Get a New IP Address.

You can get a different IP address each time you connect to the internet by using a VPN, including your devices. 

VPNs, such as NordVPN, improve your online privacy and security by encrypting your online activity. Additionally, it assigns unique IP addresses to your devices each time you connect to the internet for additional privacy protection. 

This decreases the likelihood of getting the “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error.

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Method 8: Contact the Network Administrator

If you’ve tried all the solutions to fix IP address conflict and it doesn’t work, contact a network administrator. The network administrators monitor computer networks.

You could request that your network administrator look into the following issues:

Network Configuration

Multiple devices may unintentionally share the same IP address due to incorrect network configuration.

DHCP Server Issues

If the DHCP server isn’t working correctly, it may cause IP address conflicts.

Network Security

When viruses or hackers threaten your network, it may result in IP address issues. Your network administrator should identify the threats and place the necessary security measures.


Changing your IP address, restarting your router, or upgrading your PC’s network settings can fix the “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error.

Conflicting IP address challenges frequently result from small PC network configuration issues. It may also occur if your router accidentally gives the same IP address to several devices due to a bug or other technical issue.

We strongly advise beginners against trying to configure router settings themselves. It could disrupt your network connection and result in serious home network problems.


How Can I Check for IP Conflicts Using CMD?

The first step is to open the command prompt. Next, type “ipconfig” and press “Enter.” Look for any duplicate IP addresses mentioned under “IPv4 Address.” An IP conflict exists if two devices have the same IP address.

What Is an IP Address Conflict?

When two or more devices on a network are given the same IP address, an IP address conflict happens. Communication problems and disruptions in network connectivity may result from this.

What Causes an IP Address Conflict?

The most common reasons for IP address conflicts are when a DHCP server unintentionally assigns the same IP address to several devices or when two devices on the same network share the same static IP address. It can also occur if a device has an IP address that has been used before but is still active in the DHCP lease pool.