Looking for help on how to get rid of the Win32Bridge Server problem on your Windows 10 machine? We have solutions for you.

This error message can be quite frustrating since it keeps popping up. What’s more, it can interfere with what you’re working on. In most cases, the affected computers work just fine, but the error notification keeps appearing.

What Is Causing the Win32bridge Server Problem?

If you’ve encountered this error, you must be wondering “Why do I keep getting the windowserver32bridge error?” Several Windows users reported that the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ notification pops up whenever they boot the system, particularly after a Windows update.

The most common culprit that causes this error is a corrupt Cortana application or Windows OS installation. In some cases, the error occurred when a user installed a utility like Glary or iTunes app.

For some users, the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ error caused a BSOD.

How to Fix the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect Function’ Error

Solution 1: Repair or Reset the Cortana Application

One of the main reasons that could trigger the Win32Bridge Server problem is if the Cortana application is corrupt. If that’s the case, repairing or resetting the Cortana app to default settings could resolve the issue.

To do so, follow our guide below:

  1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard and click on the gear icon to launch the Settings app.
  2. Go to Apps > Apps and features, and locate Cortana from the list of installed apps and features. To make your search quick, type “Cortana” (without quotes) in the search bar.
  3. Once Cortana shows up, click on it, and select Advanced Options.
  4. Go to the Reset section and click on the Repair button. This action will prompt the system to attempt to repair the Cortana application. The process won’t affect the app’s data.
  5. Once the repair is complete, restart your system and check if it resolved the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ error.

If it didn’t, try resetting the Cortana application. To do so:

  1. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 above, and then under the Reset section, click on the Reset button. This will erase all the app’s data and reset it to its default settings.
  2. Once again, reboot your system and check if the error has disappeared.

This fix should get rid of the Win32Bridge Server problem.

Solution 2: Disable or Remove the Cortana App

If repairing or resetting the Cortana application didn’t work in your favor, disabling it might do the trick. This is especially useful if you don’t use Cortana or if the Cortana application is not available to you due to geographical restrictions.

To disable Cortana:

  1. Press the Win + S key combination, and type in Cortana (without quotes).
  2. Right-click the Cortana app and select App Settings.
  3. Under the Runs at Log-In option, toggle the Cortana switch to Off.
  4. Next, open Task Manager. You can do this by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager, or simply use the Ctrl + Shift +Esc shortcut keys.
  5. Locate the Startup tab and click on it to open a list of startup items. Find Cortana, right-click on it, and select Disable.
  6. Restart Windows to apply the changes you just made.

The ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ problem should be resolved. If this didn’t work, try the method below:

Disable Cortana Via the Group Policy Editor

You can use the Group Policy Editor to specify whether or not Cortana is allowed on the device. If you don’t configure this setting or you enable it, Cortana will be allowed on the device. If you disable the setting, the feature will be turned off. This will also mean that Cortana won’t be connected to your account, and it won’t get access to your Microsoft account details.

Here are the steps to disable Cortana via Group Policy:

  1. The first step is to log off of your account. To do this, open the Cortana search box and click on the Notebook icon, the one below the house icon in the left pane.
  2. Select About Me to open the email address that you used to connect with Cortana.
  3. Click on your email address. A small window containing details of your account will pop up. You should see an option to Sign out. Click on it, and you will be logged out of Cortana.
  4. Next, open the Run dialog box using the Win + R key combination, type in “msc” (no quotes), and hit the Enter key or click OK. This will open the Local Group Policy Editor.
  5. Go to the path:

Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search

  1. On the right side of the window, right-click on the Allow Cortana option, and click on the Disabled radio button.
  2. Reboot your system. Cortana Search and Bing Search should be disabled.

Now check if the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ error has been resolved.

Solution 3: Check for System File Corruption

If the files required for your system to function properly are corrupted, you may run into the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ issue. To fix this, you may need to utilize the Windows built-in SFC and DISM tools. The tools will scan your system for file corruption and attempt to repair them.

To perform an SFC scan, follow these steps:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt. To do so, use the Win + X shortcut keys and select Command Prompt (Admin). If the option is not available, press the Windows logo on your keyboard and type in “cmd” (no quotes). Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator in the right pane.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, key in this command and hit Enter:

sfc /scannow

Note: Be sure to allow the process to run to the end. If the SFC scan finds issues with your system files, it will attempt to repair them.

  1. Reboot your system and check if the error has disappeared.

If the SFC scan doesn’t fix the Win32Bridge Server problem, try the DISM command:

  1. Run the Command Prompt as an administrator as shown in Step 1 above and execute the following command:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This command will take anywhere between 20 minutes to four hours or more, depending on your image size and system specs.

  1. Once again, restart Windows and see if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 4: Deactivate CDPUserSvc

The Connected Devices Platform (CDP) is a service that synchronizes data like your Calendar, Mails, Contacts, and OneDrive, to mention a few. If you don’t use these applications, it won’t hurt to disable the service. We will need to edit the Registry for this process.

Keep in mind that the Registry is essential to the proper functioning of your system. Any mistake may lead to irreparable errors, and probably make your PC inoperable. Therefore, be sure to create a backup before proceeding. We also recommend that you carefully follow the steps outlined below to deactivate CDPUserSvc:

  1. Use the Win + R keyboard shortcut to launch the Run box.
  2. Type in “regedit” (no quotes) and hit the “Enter” key or press OK.
  3. Click on Yes on the UAC prompt.
  4. In the Registry window, open this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CDPUserSvc
  5. On the right side of the window, double-click on Start to edit its value.
  6. On the pop-up screen that appears, change the value to 4. This operation will deactivate the service.
  7. Exit the Registry and reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

This should get rid of the Win32Bridge Server problem.

On a Final Note…

Speaking of the Registry, it needs regular maintenance to avoid running into various system errors, including BSOD. Registry issues arise from normal PC usage, like when you install or uninstall applications or when you update Windows. Errors can also occur when your system shuts down improperly, for example, due to a sudden power outage.

To prevent system glitches, freezing, and possible crashes, we recommend running the Auslogics BoostSpeed Registry Cleaner regularly. The software cleans, repairs, and optimizes your Windows registry, guaranteeing that existing errors are eliminated.

Registry Cleaner gets rid of uninstalled software leftovers, ensuring clean uninstalls. Since the Windows registry is the core of everything you do on your Windows system, you don’t want to mess around with it. Registry Cleaner gives you a safe way to fix any registry issues. Plus, you have full control over what you want to be deleted.

Were you able to resolve the ‘Win32Bridge.Server.exe Incorrect function’ error on your Windows 10 PC? Let us know by commenting below.