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Defrag the registry to speed up your computer

By Liz Cornwell | March 12, 2009 |

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The registry is one of the most vital parts of any Windows computer. Basically, it’s a complicated database that stores all Windows settings and options – all hardware, operating system, and software information, and all user settings. Some registry entries are absolutely essential and the computer will not boot if they are missing.

Just like any other database, the registry accumulates outdated and useless data. Imagine that the registry is a library. It’s not a problem to find the book you need if all books are catalogued and are standing on their assigned shelves, but you will never find what you need if it’s either missing or is in the wrong place. That’s why registry cleanup is a very important part of computer maintenance.

But did you know that the registry can get fragmented and you need to run registry defragmentation every once in a while to speed up computer performance?

How the registry gets fragmented

Programs on your computer access the registry thousands of times per second. This means that the registry gets bloated and fragmented with time, just like hard drives. And of course that affects your PC performance and makes your computer slower. Registry fragmentation can slow down your computer even more than fragmented disks, because the registry is fully kept in computer memory. So the more fragmented it is, the more RAM it takes up. Keep in mind that the memory is a lot smaller than any hard drive. That’s why it’s important to regularly defrag the registry.

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Most of the time registry entries that are not required anymore get deleted (for example, when you uninstall software). But sometimes bits and pieces are left behind and clutter the registry. All this bloating eventually damages and fragments the registry. That’s when it’s time to run a reliable registry cleaner to get rid of all the junk.

But now you have a new problem – all unused entries are deleted and you have free space scattered all over the registry. That slows down your computer because Windows needs more time to access whichever entries it needs. The solution is to run registry defrag software.


Registry Defrag

Finding a good registry defragmenter can prove to be a bit harder than finding a good registry cleaner, because registry defragmentation is not something every user knows about. Auslogics Registry Defrag is one of such tools, that has been recognized by many IT experts as safe and efficient registry defragmenter. You can learn more about Auslogics Registry Defrag features and download a free trial on the program’s page. Now you know how to speed up your computer.

Remember that the registry is a vital component of any Windows system and it is important to perform regular registry maintenance to ensure your computer stays fast and stable.

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