The fun of most PC video games these days is the multiplayer mode. Players no longer have to physically congregate in a college dorm, living room, or basement to slug things out. Each participant can be in the comfort of their home, with a screen all to themselves, thanks to the power of Internet connectivity.

Sea of Thieves is one of those games with such a robust multiplayer infrastructure. Friends can join in on voyages, quests, and conflicts. It’s always fun to engage in such gameplay until something terribly wrong happens and cuts everything short.

If you’re on this page, then you must be experiencing the “Marblebeard Error” whenever you’re trying to connect with other friends. It’s a bizarre name for an error code that instills a bitter kind of annoyance. That said, you don’t have to panic so much about the issue, as other gamers, including your Xbox colleagues, have reported experiencing the error.

What is the Marblebeard Error in Sea of Thieves?

As it turns out, Sea of Thieves has a lot of “Beard Errors.” It’s easy to see why the developers decided to go for the facial hair angle instead of subjecting players to alphanumeric gibberish given the game’s theme and setting.

The Marblebeard Error is one of those Beard Errors that indicate a connection failure. However, it tends to only occur when players are trying to join or rejoin a multiplayer session. The main cause of the issue is a breakdown of communication between the game on your system and its servers, which itself can be the result of other problems.

We’ll be helping you find the cause of the problem in this article. We’ll also show you how to get rid of the issue on your Windows 10 PC.

How to resolve the Marblebeard Error in Windows 10

There are different ways to get rid of the error, and most of them involve fixing your network connection. Follow our suggestions, and you should be able to resolve the issue.

Check the game’s servers

The problem might be one that you can’t solve. The game’s servers might be currently down, meaning that you and other players will experience the same difficulty in joining the multiplayer session. So, before you begin to troubleshoot, make sure you confirm that the game’s servers are not down.

You can go to the game’s numerous platforms to check the status of its servers. Since the game runs on Xbox Live servers, you should check the status of those servers as well.

If you’ve confirmed that the issue is not an incident of server downtime, then move on to apply other fixes.

Make sure NAT is open

Issues with Network Address Translation (NAT) happen to be the most common cause of the Marblebeard Error, as many players have found. NAT is critical to the game’s connection mechanism. It has to be open for the game to connect you to other players.

The fix to the problem on your PC is to enable UPnP. We’ll be showing you how to check if NAT is open and how to open it if it isn’t.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the taskbar, right-click on the Start button, and then click on Run once you see the Quick Access menu. You can also press the Windows logo key and R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. After Run shows up, type or copy and paste “ms-settings:gaming-xboxnetworking” (without the quotes) into the text box.
  3. The Gaming Settings application will now open in the Xbox Networking tab.
  4. The app will now begin to carry out an investigation. If you see “Teredo is unable to qualify” or “Closed” next to NAT type, then the Marblebeard Error might very well be caused by the NAT issue. Move on to the next fix if the NAT type is Open.
  5. Now, click on the “Fix it” button to try and automatically fix the problem. Note that if NAT is closed because of a router problem, clicking on the button won’t resolve the issue.
  6. So, run the game and try rejoining the session to check if the “Fix it” troubleshooter has resolved the problem.

If the issue doesn’t go away, go to your router’s interface through your browser and enable UPnP. There are different ways to do that, depending on the router you use. If you don’t know how to, you can easily find a guide on the manufacturer’s website.

Reset your router

As you’ve already noticed, the Marblebeard Error is mainly caused by a faulty Internet connection, which means it could very well be caused by issues with your router. If you’ve enabled UPnP and nothing works, try resetting the router as it could be experiencing minor bugs and inconsistencies.

To reset the device, turn it off for a couple of minutes and turn it back on. While the router is turned off, restart your PC as well.

Forward the game’s ports manually

Unfortunately, some routers were produced before the introduction of the Universal Plug and Play technology. If you’re using one of such old routers, then it isn’t detecting and opening the game’s ports automatically, which means it’s obstructing the connection process. You have to forward the ports of Sea of Thieves manually in this case.

Go to the support page of the router’s manufacturer to find out how you can forward specific ports. Note that the port that you’ll be forwarding for Sea of Thieves is 3074.


We’re sure that you can now rejoin your crew. If the problem persists, you can contact the game’s support for assistance. Use the comments section below to let us know how you fixed the problem.


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