According to Consumer Reports, apps often overreach, capturing information unrelated to their features or functionality. A lot has been said about a Facebook feature released some time back to give users better control over which services and apps can access and share their Facebook data. The  Off-Facebook activity tool is vital, especially when you want to stop Facebook from tracking and sharing your data. The digital world is vast, and while there are tools to turn on Facebook protection, understanding the significance of  Off-Facebook activity is equally essential.

Before introducing this feature, Facebook faced criticism for its privacy approach and management. A Washington Post columnist complained that although he has Facebook closed on his phone, the social network still gets notified when he visits his favorite coffee shop. It upset many people to discover that their posts, pictures, geolocation details, and other info could be downloaded just by password.

This element was one of the ways for the company to protect its users, thus rebuilding the trust. The tool allows users to have control over their Facebook data. It also allows them to manage what data Facebook can receive from other services and applications.

With Facebook’s data privacy concerns on the rise, understanding digital safety is essential. Make sure you know how to protect your online presence.

What Is Off-Facebook Activity?

For those wondering what is off Facebook activity, it is a tool that allows you to see and control the amount of data that sites and apps share with Facebook. This, in turn, helps you to monitor the data that third-party apps can acquire. This privacy tool lets you quickly clear your history on websites and apps sharing your information. 

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Why Is Off-Facebook Activity Important?

Facebook collects a lot of user data, including information from other sites and apps. While some people find it helpful, others feel that Facebook violates their privacy. The app is connected to Instagram and WhatsApp and has been accused of releasing user data recklessly.

Who reports your activity to Facebook?  

User data from third-party apps and websites is shared with Facebook for advertising purposes.  Off-Facebook activity tool lets users control which businesses share their data with Facebook. Facebook partners with data brokers to gather offline data for tailored advertising.

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What data do sites and apps transfer to Facebook?  

Facebook receives information on a range of interactions that you make. This means the activities that you do on a site or app.

Some of the interactions include:

  • opening an app
  • viewing content
  • logging into an app account using Facebook
  • making a product or service search
  • making donations
  • buying an item

Facebook gets anonymized data, but combining different data fragments can often lead to identifying individual user profiles.

How to Set Up Off-Facebook Activity Tool

Accessing Off-Facebook Activity

To access Off-Facebook activity, go to your profile in the right top corner and click on your profile picture. In the dropdown menu, click on Settings & Privacy.

In the opened menu, click on Settings.

There, look for Off-Facebook activity.

Reviewing Your Off-Facebook Activity

Using Facebook’s business tools, you can easily view what information other sites and apps have shared with Facebook. Due to privacy concerns, users want to know how to turn off Facebook activity. So, if you do not want Facebook to share that information, you can clear it and turn off future Off-Facebook activity.

This will prevent Facebook from sharing the data now and in the future. You no longer have to worry about Facebook accessing your search information when you do something on Google or other apps like Instagram or dating apps.

Clearing Your Off-Facebook Activity

In the menu Off-Facebook activity, you can clear all your previous activity.

You can also disable off Facebook activities to disconnect any information and data this social media platform has shared. You may also do this selectively, allowing some apps and sites to share your activity and leaving others out.

Managing Future Activity

By adjusting your future Off-Facebook activity settings, you can control what information third-party apps and websites share with Facebook.

To adjust these settings, click on Manage Future Activity. Make sure the option Disconnect Future Activities is selected.

However, third parties can still send data to Facebook – it just won’t connect to your profile. To remove past data, use the “Clear previous activity” option.

Staying Informed About Your Data

You can protect your online privacy by knowing local laws, reading privacy policies, adjusting social media settings, and checking app permissions. You can stay informed by frequently checking Have I Been Pwned. This website lets you see if your personal info has been exposed.

Be proactive about your online privacy and enjoy the digital world worry-free!


The Off-Facebook activity feature is extremely useful. There has been a fall in complaints from people who felt that Facebook was intruding on or interfering with their privacy. Although the social media platform still gets hold of your browsing data, you do not have to worry about the information being linked to your profile. You also no longer have to deal with those annoying and irrelevant ads from every site you visit.

Knowing how to turn on Off Facebook activity is a significant step towards a more private and secure online experience. However, be cautious of potential threats on Facebook beyond data privacy and security concerns. Check out our guide on spotting scams while using Facebook Marketplace.

 Off-Facebook activity is a major improvement in terms of user protection. It has significantly helped Facebook to rebuild its trust. However, to enhance your security even further, you must also ensure that your device is protected from malicious agents and hackers trying to steal data. 

Data breaches pose a serious risk. Case in point: Facebook’s most recent data breach in April 2021, when the personal information of approximately 533 million users was exposed online. To protect your personal data, install reliable anti-malware software.


Is the Off-Facebook activity tool available on mobile devices?

Yes, the tool is accessible via the Facebook app on mobile devices.

How Often should I review and clear my Off Facebook activity?

It’s advisable to review your activity every few months. However, consider checking it monthly if you frequently interact with various apps and websites.

Can I Choose which websites and apps to exclude from the Off Facebook activity?

You can deselect specific apps or websites from sharing your activity with Facebook.

Does clearing my Off-Facebook activity affect my login credentials or account settings?

It won’t affect your login credentials or account settings but might affect your Facebook ads.

What other privacy tools does Facebook offer besides Off Facebook activity?

You can manage your data and privacy with Facebook’s Privacy Checkup, Ad Preferences, and Activity Log tools.