How to start and use Google Chrome in Application Mode?

By Nicholas Nabakwe | December 28, 2018 |

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The Internet plays a significant role, not only in storing information, but also in connecting multiple devices and services. Though native apps are faster and more efficient, they are limited to a set of devices. Hence, we need a universal platform that’s flexible and can work everywhere. The web application platform is the most suitable solution for this challenge. The advent of the Progressive Web Applications (PWCA’s) has made the implementation of the much needed universal platform easy.

The use of Google Chrome in Application Mode will enable you to enjoy the benefits of the native apps when you run your favorite web pages. We’ll guide you on how you can use Google Chrome in application mode.

What is application mode in Google chrome?

Have you ever wanted to surf your desired website without borders, toolbars and the address bar so that you only see the body of the web page? That’s precisely what application mode in Google does. It enables you to run web pages as if they are running as native apps on your computer. Google Chrome’s rendering engine supports the application mode feature. It covers functions such as:

  • Location
  • Microphone
  • Speech
  • Notification APIs

Hence, the Application Mode provides an in-depth, engaging experience that’s similar to an actual native application.

How to turn on Application Mode for a particular website in Chrome for Windows?

  • Begin by opening Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Proceed to your desired site.
  • On reaching the home page of your favorite website, click on the menu button that’s denoted by three vertical dots on the right portion of the window.
  • Click on More Tools > Create shortcut.
  • You may get a prompt that confirms whether you desire to make the shortcut and what its name should be. If you do so, you can set the name and check the option labeled Open as Window and then click on Create.
  • After that, type

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  • Now you need to right-click on the site that you created the shortcut for and make sure to check on Open as Window.
  • Click on the entry of the website to launch it in Application Mode.

That’s it. Now, your favorite website can run in the Application Mode.

Now that you know how to turn on your desired website in the Application mode, you may want your favorite webpage to launch faster. Here’s how you can go about it.

Creating quick launch shortcuts for your favorite websites to launch in Application Mode

You can launch your sites faster in the Application Mode without having to open Google Chrome and using the Apps dashboard. You can achieve this by creating a Start Menu, as well as a Desktop Shortcut.

Here’s how:

  • Begin by opening Google Chrome and navigating to chrome://apps.
  • Right-click on the website shortcut.
  • Click on Create Shortcuts.
  • You’ll get a prompt confirming where you want to create the shortcuts.
  • Make your choice and after that click on Create.

That’s all. Your shortcut has been created already.

Final Words

Using Google Chrome in Application Mode will enhance your experience in that your favorite web pages will run as if they were native Apps on your computer. That way you will benefit from reliability, quick response, and immersive user experience. Most operating system environments support such web pages.

We’d also like to point out that to get the best user experience when browsing your web pages, you need to optimize your PC. A tool like Auslogics BoostSpeed might be all you need to tune your PC for peak performance.

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