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How to resolve the Boot Configuration Data Error Code 0xc0000454 on Windows 10?

By Eunice Samson | June 7, 2019 |

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Many users complained about the Boot Configuration Data Error Code 0xc0000454 on Windows 10. They reported that the problem occurred after they had tried to boot their computer. They mentioned that they encountered the following error message:

“The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.”

When this error message shows up, it means that the Windows Boot Manager cannot function properly because of a problem with the Boot Configuration Data (BCD). It is also worth noting that the Error Code 0xc0000454 indicates that there are no sufficient NVRAM resources to complete the API. The Non-Volatile Random Access Memory or NVRAM is a component that is responsible for storing the operating system’s BCD.  In most instances, this problem can be fixed by a simple restart of the system. However, if a reboot does not resolve the issue, there are still other solutions you can try.

In this post, we are going to teach you how to fix the ‘Boot Configuration Data file is missing’ error in Windows 10.

Here are the methods that we’ll share:

  1. Running Automatic Startup Repair
  2. Resetting the BIOS
  3. Rebuilding the BCD
  4. Disabling Secure Boot

Try working your way down the list until you discover the solution that works best for you. By the end of this article, you will know how to fix the Error 0xc0000454 starting problem on Windows 10.

Solution 1: Running Automatic Startup Repair

After two consecutive boot errors, the Advanced Startup Options menu is supposed to appear automatically. That said, you can still access it manually, using the steps below:

  1. Launch the Settings app by pressing Windows Key+I on your keyboard.
  2. Once inside the Settings app, click Update & Security.
  3. Go to the left-pane menu, then select Recovery from the list.
  4. Now, move to the right pane, then click Restart Now under the Advanced Startup section.
  5. Once you get to the Advanced Startup Options menu, select Startup Repair.

Before you proceed, you need to select the appropriate user account. If the account is password-protected, you need to submit the necessary details. After clicking Continue, the Startup Repair process will commence. During the process, the root cause of the issue will be identified and resolved. Keep in mind that it may take a while for it to complete. You might even notice your system rebooting once or twice. When the process is done, you will see a message indicating that the procedure is successful.

Solution 2: Resetting the BIOS

If you want to learn how to fix the ‘Boot Configuration Data is missing’ BSOD Error 0xc0000454, you need to know how to reset the BIOS. The Basic Input Output System, or most commonly known as the BIOS, is firmware which contains a list of instructions for loading the operating system. Whenever you boot your PC, the BIOS instructions are executed to load Windows 10. Now, when you encounter the Error Code 0xc0000454, one of the best ways to fix the problem is to reset the BIOS.


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Whether you own an HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, or Sony laptop, the process for bringing back the BIOS to its default settings is generally similar. Here are the steps:

  1. Boot your computer and before you see the Windows logo, press the F10 key repeatedly.

Note: The F10 key works on most laptop brands, including Dell. However, for an HP computer, you might need to press the F2 key. Remember to look at the bottom left or right corner of the screen to see the key for accessing the BIOS. It should be beside Boot Options or Setup.

  1. Once you get into the BIOS, press the F9 key. Doing so will show a blue screen which says, “Load setup defaults?”
  2. To restore the default BIOS settings, click Yes.

Note: If you’re using a Dell laptop, you need to go to the Security tab to see the ‘Restore Security Settings to Factory Defaults’ option. Use the arrow keys to select this option.

  1. Don’t forget to press F10 to save the changes you made.

Solution 3: Rebuilding the BCD

As we’ve mentioned, the issue has something to do with the Boot Configuration Data. So, to resolve the Error 0xc0000454, you can try rebuilding the BCD. To proceed, follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow Steps 1 to 4 from the Solution 1 to get to the Advanced Startup Options menu.
  2. Select Troubleshoot, then go to Advanced Options.
  3. Now, click Command Prompt.
  4. Once Command Prompt is up, execute the following command lines:

bootrec /FixMbr

bootrec /FixBoot

bootrec /ScanOS

bootrec /RebuildBcd

  1. Exit Command prompt, then restart your computer. After your PC boots, check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 4: Disabling Secure Boot

Another way to resolve the Error 0xc0000454 is to disable Secure Boot. To proceed, follow the instructions below:

  1. Again, you need to boot into the Advanced Startup Options menu.
  2. Now, access Troubleshoot, then click Advanced Options.
  3. Choose UEFI Firmware Settings to get to the BIOS.
  4. Now, locate the option that will allow you to disable Secure Boot. For most OEMs, this option is available under the Security section.

After disabling Secure Boot, restart your computer and check if the error is gone.

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Which of the solutions helped you resolve the Error 0xc0000454?

Let us know in the comments below!

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