If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably experienced running out of battery power on your smartphone. Of course, there would always be USB power plugs available in most airports, hotels, or other public places. While they offer an easy and quick way of charging your device, they can leave your smartphone vulnerable to hacking. So, in this case, do you need a USB data blocker?

In this post, we will explain the purpose of this nifty gadget. We will also teach you how to choose excellent USB data blockers.

What Are USB Data Blockers?

Funnily enough, USB data blockers are also legitimately referred to as ‘USB condoms.’ They are little devices that let you plug into USB charging ports without worrying about juice jacking. They serve as a protection against risks of infecting your smartphone or tablet with malware. They can even prevent criminals from executing or installing malicious code on your device to access your data.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to tell if a USB power charging station is safe enough for you to plug your devices. Even wired or wireless public Internet connections can bring security risks. Of course, you can use a VPN while browsing. That said, hackers will still be able to access the data on your device if you connect it to a public charging station.

Now, if you use a USB data blocker, you’ll be able to provide adequate protection to your device even when you’re using a USB power charging station in a public place. Of course, it is always best to bring your own power bank so you can avoid using public charging stations.

How Do USB Data Blockers Work?

As we’ve mentioned, a USB data blocker can prevent hackers from infecting your devices with malware and stealing your data. Charging stations are commonly rigged by attackers, allowing them to juice jack your data. Now, a USB data blocker acts as a protective layer that prevents data pins from coming through your device. Essentially, no data will flow through your smartphone, but it will still charge as if it is plugged directly to the power charging station.

Using a USB data blocker can prevent any unwanted exchange of data when you connect your smartphone or tablet into a foreign computer or a public charging station via a USB cable.

How to Choose a USB Data Blocker?

We cannot reiterate enough how risky it would be to connect your devices to public networks without proper protection. You are essentially letting cybercriminals access your data with ease. Now that you know the dangers, always remember to be cautious when you are connecting to public Wi-Fis and charging stations.

Thankfully, USB data blockers are quite accessible and inexpensive. Moreover, their features are so basic that you do not have to tear your hair out trying to decide which one to get. That said, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of USB data blockers that are worth using.

What Are the Best USB Data Blockers?

Here are some of the products that can help you block the data pins when you are using public charging stations:

1) PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker

The PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker can protect you from viruses while allowing you to charge your smartphone or tablet efficiently. It features a Smartcharge chip that enables high-speed charging, letting users get power in their devices in no time. It is also worth noting that the PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Even government agencies and officials from the UK, the US, and Canada use this utility. Its guaranteed data protection makes it a trustworthy tool.

2) SENHUO 3rd Gen USB Defender & Data Blocker

Any data security-conscious traveler’s pouch should contain the SENHUO 3rd Gen USB Defender & Data Blocker. It does an efficient job of protecting users against the juice jacking that occurs in airports, coffee shops, and hotels. Do note that this device comes with a Type-C cable. That said, it is compatible with mobile phones and laptops with a USB-C port. As a brand-friendly product, it is popular amongst Android and iPhone users.

3) EDEC USB Data Blocker

With dimensions of 5.2 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches, the EDEC USB Data Blocker is a compact product that is technologically tough to prevent viruses and protect the data on your device. As such, it is convenient to bring this USB data blocker anywhere you go. Whether you’re using it while travelling, having a meeting, or working, you can reduce the risks that public charging ports can bring. What’s more, the EDEC USB Data Blocker is compatible with various brands, including Apple and Android. It is quite handy for a wide range of users.

4) Amptec FC3XD Data Blocker

Are you going on a holiday or working out of town? If you’re worried about being vulnerable while charging your devices in public ports, then the Amptec FC3XD Data Blocker will be your nifty companion. This USB data blocker helps you prevent virus downloads, data transfers, and malware on your device. You can rest easy knowing that your information won’t be leaked to cybercriminals. This device also features a 1.6 AMP output current, allowing users to securely and quickly charge all of their devices. What’s more, this compact product has a robust PVC body. So, you can carry it in your pocket without worrying about damaging it.

5) ChargeDefense Data Blocker

The ChargeDefense Data Blocker is an indispensable utility of the employees of the White House. So, when you want to enjoy optimal protection from malware and identity theft, you should carry this device when you’re travelling and using public charging ports. This product was designed based on the feedback provided by veteran engineers. Do note that it features USB 2.0 technology. So, you may want to opt for other data blockers if you need a Type-C adaptor.

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