Turn them off: How to disable suggestions in Timeline on Windows 10

Windows Timeline takes care of extending the Task View mode to show the history of activities performed on your computer, as well as other devices if syncing has been turned on. This feature, which is activated on Windows 10 by default, comes in handy whenever you need to return to a previously opened browser window or app.

If you’re using Timeline for the first time, you might occasionally see suggestions, from the more routine “See more days in Timeline” to distracting stuff like ads. It’s likely you might want them to go away, so the good news is it’s easy to disable them.

There are two ways on how to disable suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10:

  • From Windows 10 settings – Here are quick and easy steps to follow:
  1. Press Windows + I on the keyboard in order to open the Settings app. Click the “System” category.
  2. Select the “Multitasking” tab found on the left side of the System page. Under the Timeline section located on the right side, turn off the “Show Suggestions Occasionally In Your Timeline” toggle. Toggle Show Suggestions Occasionally In Your Timeline to Off.
  3. You’re done – you won’t find any suggestions on Timeline.
  • Through Registry Editor – Proceed to Registry Editor if you’d like to try something new. However, create a backup of Registry files or a system restore point beforehand. After doing so, navigate to this path in Registry Editor:


On the right-hand side in ContentDeliveryManager, there’s a key dubbed as SubscribedContent-353698Enabled. It has a value of 1 or one by default, meaning it is enabled. Double-click on the key and change the value to 0 or zero.

Through either of these tips, you should be able to learn how to disable suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10

If you’re interested in seeing suggestions again, re-enable them by following the same steps.

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