If you use your PC on a daily basis, chances are you have at least once experienced the situation when even a minor task starts taking way too much time to be performed. Computer speed issues can make your usual activities more time and effort consuming, but fixing that is possible. Before we begin to look into the steps that can help you solve the problem we should consider the factors that can affect the speed of your PC.

Whichever Operating System (OS) is installed on your computer, it is responsible for managing the resources of your PC. The memory, drive space, processing power, and every other component are all functioning due to the effective management by your OS.

Below are some of the major factors that may cause performance problems:

  • Shortage of RAM (Random Access Memory) resources
  • Shortage of disk space
  • Outdated drivers/pending driver updates
  • Viruses or malware

While it is true that there are several different factors that can affect the performance of your computer, a lot of issues can be traced back to the inefficient use of your PC’s resources.

How to make your computer run faster

  • Close the programs you are not currently using

Your computer’s OS works by allocating space in the RAM to programs running on the PC. At the point when RAM gets filled up the performance issues begin and your computer starts operating at a slower rate. If your computer is not operating at a speed you expect, you can try closing programs you don’t need to use at the moment freeing up some RAM for more important tasks.

  • Restart your PC

Closing programs you are not currently using works but restarting your PC might work even better as it can free up your RAM in a more efficient way.

  • Clean your hard drive

Another factor that also might affect your PC’s speed is a shortage of hard drive memory. When your hard drive is running out of space, it can slow down your OS.

To make sure that your hard drive has enough space, see if you have at least 500MB (megabytes) of disk space available. You can check that by opening File Explorer and clicking “This PC” on the left navigation bar if you are using Windows OS.

The actions you can take to free up your disk space include cleaning the computer’s recycle bin and download folder, uninstalling unwanted and unnecessary programs, and removing temporary files.

  • Use a PC Optimizer

There are different software tools that can help you boost your system’s performance, typically those are known as PC optimizers. Not only do they fix speed problems but they also can be used for scanning your system for other performance issues, efficient drive clean-ups, and privacy protection. In the following section, we will have a look at one of the most popular optimization tools available – Outbyte PC Repair.

How Outbyte PC Repair can improve your computer’s speed

To get started, go to the Outbyte download page on outbyte.com and download the program. Once it’s done, install it on your PC.

After that, the program will initiate an automated scan of your system in order to detect issues that might be worth looking into. We will skip this step for now and head directly to the “Status” menu where we can access the “Speed” feature as shown on the screenshot below. Alternatively, you can access this feature from the “Power Tools” menu on the left sidebar.

Since we are interested in increasing your computer’s speed, the next step is to use Outbyte to boost some of the essential programs. To do that, click “Go to Speed”.

After that, you will be taken to the “Real Time Boost” screen with 3 options available for speeding your system up as shown below.

Once you click the recommended toggles press “Apply.”

PC Repair will give higher CPU and task manager priority to programs that you use most often. With that, you should have your web browser and essential apps running at a faster speed and with less lag time. There is also an option for boosting your PC’s performance for games which you can try if you also use your computer for gaming.


Dealing with a slow computer can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are in a hurry to get some tasks done. There are different ways to boost your PC’s performance. Sometimes a simple restart, closing programs running in the background, or a drive clean-up will do. However, using those options isn’t always enough to fix the issue. Using PC optimizers such as Outbyte gives you the ability to optimize your system for smoother performance in a quick and safe way.