YouTube is the largest and most popular video-sharing platform in the world. It enables users to watch, upload, like, and comment on videos with ease.

However, you might want to download some videos because you might need them for offline viewing or to avoid network connectivity issues later. In case you’re wondering how to download a video from YouTube, we’ve got you covered.

Is It Legal to Download YouTube Videos?

YouTube has straightforward Terms of Service that explain what viewers can or cannot do on the platform.

YouTube does not permit anyone to download any content unless YouTube displays the ‘download’ or a similar link on such content. Any user who downloads and sells YouTube content without prior written permission has violated the platform’s Terms of Service.

If you need to download a video, you must ensure it is strictly for personal use. Otherwise, you risk violating many privacy and copyright laws. However, with the right licenses, some content is legal to download, especially for personal use.

How to Download a YouTube Video Legally

Downloading a YouTube video legally is possible. There are two ways to do this:

  • Use the YouTube App

You can download videos from YouTube using its official mobile app (for Android or iOS). To do that, open the video you want to download using the app and then tap the Download button below the video’s thumbnail.

Choose the video quality you want and tap OK. The app then saves the video to Downloads, where you can watch it offline anytime you wish. However, this option is not usually available for commercial content.

  • Get YouTube’s or the Licensor’s Consent

Another way to download YouTube content legally is by getting written consent from YouTube or the content’s licensor and adhering strictly to whatever conditions they give.

Content obtained this way is usually for personal use. Moreover, such videos don’t have the “Download” button or link attached to them.

How to Download a YouTube Video for Free

YouTube users can download videos from the platform to watch them later for free. Below are some of the proven methods to do that:

Install a YouTube Video Downloader

The quickest way to download YouTube videos is to use a dedicated downloading tool. While there are several free and decent video downloading tools, it’s essential to consider the following features and factors before choosing the ideal software.

Video quality

No one enjoys watching a blurry movie. Make sure the downloading tool of your choice can handle both standard- and high-definition video to guarantee excellent viewing.

Ideally, your downloading tool should offer you the resolution of your choice. It should at least be able to provide you with low-, medium-, and high-resolution video. Tools that let you select specific screen resolutions such as 360p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and so on are better options.


If you watch movies in different languages, you need subtitles. Logically, you wouldn’t want to download such videos without subtitles. Therefore, ensure your video downloading tool supports subtitles.

Multiple file format compatibility

Sometimes, we want to watch our videos on our iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod, and PSP devices. Therefore, you need to ensure your downloading tool can convert downloaded videos to AVI, 3GP, or any other format you can use on your devices. Such a downloading tool allows you to be more flexible.

Simultaneous downloads

Nobody wants to wait for one download to complete before commencing another, especially if they have several videos to download. That’ll be a waste of time. Ensure the YouTube downloading tool of your choice supports bulk downloads and can download an entire playlist.

Fast download speeds

Some video downloading tools throttle download speeds when it comes to multiple downloads, while others may restrict the number of simultaneous downloads possible to maintain high download speeds. Ensure the tool can download multiple files simultaneously without sacrificing download speeds.

Built-in editing features

It may be necessary to edit or cut out a particular portion of a video, which makes video editing an essential feature of a useful video downloading tool.

Multiple download sources

Ensure the video downloading tool of your choice can download videos from other sources, such as Facebook, Vimeo, Metacafe, and Dailymotion.

Scheduled downloads

A video downloading tool that can start your downloads at any convenient time is also a great choice.

Use a Reliable Video Grabber to Save YouTube Videos on Windows 10

Are you looking for the best way to save YouTube videos to a Windows 10 computer? We highly recommend using Auslogics Video Grabber for this.

Auslogics Video Grabber is compatible with Windows 10 and allows users to download single videos or entire playlists from YouTube channels. It can also convert downloaded videos to formats compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod, or PSP devices.

Unlike other video downloading tools, it also allows you to set a convenient download schedule or run multiple downloads simultaneously. Get its paid version to enjoy all its exciting features.

  1. Copy the Video’s URL Address from YouTube

Once you’ve chosen a YouTube video downloading tool, the next task is to copy the video’s URL address. To do that, you need to open the video you want to download in a browser and then copy its URL address. Please note that it’s hard to copy a link from the mobile application.

After that, launch your YouTube video downloading tool, and then paste the link into the URL text box.

  1. Copy the Video’s URL Address from YouTube

The moment you paste the YouTube video’s URL into the downloading tool’s search box, you’ll have several video quality and file format options. Next, select your desired resolution and file format, and then click the Download option.

Most tools allow you to grab YouTube videos in formats like AVI, WMV, WEBM, MKV, 3GP, FLV, ASF, HTML5, MPG, etc.

In case you want to download a playlist, you can also specify a location on your computer to save all your downloaded videos. Once your video download completes, you can watch all your videos at will.

How to Use Auslogics Video Grabber

  • Download and install Video Grabber from its official website.
  • Double-click the app’s shortcut on your desktop to launch it.
  • Use your web browser to find the video you want to download and copy the video’s link.
  • Paste the link into the box under ‘Add video URL’ in the Video Grabber tool.
  • Select the video quality of your choice and click Download to grab the YouTube video.

How to Download a Video from YouTube Directly

The use of video downloading tools is not the only way to download a video from YouTube. You can download videos directly from YouTube. Follow the guide below:

Open the Video on YouTube

It would help if you were careful here; otherwise, you might copy the page’s URL instead of the video’s URL. To prevent that, ensure you play the video you want to download and then copy the link’s address.

Add “ss” to the URL Address

Open a new tab on the web browser and paste the link address. Then edit the address to add “ss” after “www” but before “” and press Enter to get redirected to the download site.

Download Your Video

Once you are redirected, the text editor automatically detects and pastes the copied video URL. Choose your desired file format and video quality, and then click the Download button. If you have a reliable internet connection, you should be able to play your video in seconds.

Alternatively, you can repeat the steps above but ensure you replace “ss” with “vd” to download your YouTube video with Virtual Desktop.

How to Download YouTube Videos with Browser Add-Ons

YouTube users don’t necessarily need to download their videos by using video downloading tools or tweaking URL links; instead, they can use browser add-ons.

Follow the guide below to use browser add-ons to download your YouTube videos.

Select an Add-on

There’s an add-on for almost anything you need, and there are several add-on options for downloading YouTube content. However, some add-ons best suit specific web browsers.

Download the Add-on of Your Choice

Download, install and integrate any trusted browser add-on. Some generic add-ons support all browsers.

Download the Video

Once you integrate the add-on with your web browser, restart your web browser for the changes to take effect. Then, play the YouTube video that you want to download and click on the add-on icon, usually at the top of the web browser.

You should see some or all of the following options:

  • Download panel
  • Quick download
  • Conversion tool
  • Settings

Select the “Quick download” option and choose a file format and video quality to download the video to your computer.


Downloading YouTube videos to your computer helps avoid frustrating connectivity issues that may arise at any time. It also grants you offline access to your videos.

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