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How to troubleshoot the Steam service component error on Windows 10?

By John Mwaniki | April 20, 2020 |

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If you are into video games, the chances are that you already know about Steam. It is a digital distribution platform for video games. With it installed on your computer, you can easily access your favourite games right from your device. It saves both your time and money as you do not have to go to a local shop to get the games. The site is regularly updated so you will get even the latest titles.

However, although Steam is a trustworthy and reliable platform, there are times when you may experience errors either when installing or running it. When launching Steam on Windows 10, you may get the following error message: “In order to run Steam properly on this version of Windows, the Steam service component must be installed. The service installation process requires administrator privileges.” If you see this message, it means that an error has occurred.

What does it mean if reinstalling the Steam service component requires administrator privileges?

If you see this message whenever you try to launch Steam, it is telling you that something is not right. It could be due to a problem in the Steam service or due to denied administrator rights. The error could also appear when you disable Steam at startup or from the System Configuration utility.

In this article, we will look at how to remove the ‘Steam service component is not working properly on this computer’ notification on Windows 10 so you can have a seamless user experience.

Run Steam as an administrator

The first step to help you troubleshoot the issue is by running Steam as an administrator. By doing so, Steam gets access or permission to get to files that it could not access before. How do you do this?

  • Search for the Steam shortcut on your computer and right-click it to open its properties. A context menu will pop up, and you can then select Properties.
  • Look for the Compatibility tab in the Properties window. Click on Run this program as an administrator and save the changes by clicking Apply or OK. If any dialogs appear, go through them and accept the given terms.
  • Double-click the Steam icon to try relaunching the game that you were trying to access.

By this time, the error message should not reoccur. If it does, then you need to try a different solution.

Repair the Steam client service

The reason behind the error could probably be because the Steam client service is broken, and repairing it will help in managing the issue. The broken client service prevents the Steam component from functioning correctly, but the good thing is that you can resolve the issue with just a few commands. Here are some steps to follow to reset the Steam client service:

  • Press Windows plus R for the search box to pop up and enter cmd in the search box.
  • Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  • Right-click on the Steam shortcut and select Open File Location from the pop-up context menu.
  • An address bar will appear at the top. Click and copy the path, which should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe. Paste the command and then click enter. Wait for the command to execute and launch the Steam client.

If the issue persists, try another solution.

Check Steam’s startup type

The problem could be originating from the Steam service’s startup type. You can change it to Automatic to ensure that the Steam service runs whenever you open Steam. To change the startup type to Automatic:

  • Press Windows plus R to bring the Run box.
  • Enter service.msc in the box and click enter.
  • Look for the Steam client service on the list. Right-click it, and a menu will pop up. Select Properties.
  • Click ‘stop’ under the service status to stop the service from running.
  • If the startup type is not automatic, then change it and click OK or Apply.

Add Steam as an Exception to Your Firewall

You can get rid of the Steam service component error in Windows 10 by adding Steam to the exclusions list of your Firewall. This works great if you have third-party antivirus software installed on your computer. The antivirus might have a built-in firewall that protects your data and prevents any unwanted connections that could damage your computer. Steam is a trustworthy source, and you can, therefore, feel at ease when allowing its connections. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the antivirus tool’s Control Panel (if you’re using Avast).
  • Click on the Protection option.
  • A purple section will pop up, then click on Firewall.
  • Click on Settings and scroll down and check for Valve Corporation. This is where you will find all the connections that need to be enabled.

Once you enable them, click Close and try launching Steam and see if the error will appear again.


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Boost your computer

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Running into the Steam service error can be such a frustrating encounter, especially when you are so excited to play a particular video game. If you are struggling with how to get rid of the Steam service component error in Windows 10, try any of these tips to fix the issue, and if none of them works, that should cause alarm. Your computer could be having bigger problems, and it is best if you entrust it to a professional for a checkup.

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