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Disk Defrag Touch

Completely FREE - not just a demo or trial version.
A compact and fast defragmenter with over 11,000,000 users worldwide now has a special version that's perfect for defragging your touch screen PC. Get your files in order and speed up your hard drive in minutes!
DOWNLOAD NOW Compatible with
Windows 7, 8, 10
Latest ver. (26/01/2015)
File size: 13.4MB
Auslogics Disk Defrag Touch is a product of Auslogics, certified Microsoft® Gold Application Developer.
Microsoft confirms Auslogics' high expertise in developing quality software that meets the growing demands of PC users.

Revolutionary New Features

Disk Defrag Touch brings you brand-new Windows 8 style interface design, extended optimization functionality and new fun motivators to help you take better care of your hard drive.
  • Full touch
    screen support

    Tap, swipe or slide to perform the tasks you have used a mouse for – perfect for your touch-screen PC!

  • Boost game
    & app speed

    Optimize your favorite games or other frequently used programs for smooth and fast performance.

  • Receive awards
    & have fun

    Defragging has never been more fun – earn tokens, get awards and rise to Supreme Power as you use the app.

Take a Peek Inside

This new tool is unlike anything Auslogics has released before. Look at the program screenshots to get
a better idea of how simple and clear, yet feature-rich and useful it is.

Get Everyday Apps to Run Better

The intelligent algorithms help you select programs whose performance matters most to you, and optimize them to ensure top speed and efficiency.
  • Faster e-mailing

    Optimize Outlook or your other mail programs to make writing, sending and sorting your mail go faster.

  • Quicker response

    Accelerate response from most of your frequently used software by ensuring faster access to the program's files.

  • Frequent updates

    The list of optimizable programs is constantly updated to include titles that will deliver better if optimized.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

Enjoy playing your favorite games locally or online without the frustrating lags or lower FPS rates that can take the fun out of anyone's playtime.
  • Smoother game performance

    Optimizing your favorite games reduces lags, improves FPS rates and makes your overall experience smoother.

  • Support of Steam, Blizzard & more

    The program supports optimization of games from Steam, Blizzard and Microsoft Games – all your faves!

  • Speed up any games

    Even if your computer is no gaming rig or simply old, you can still make your games run faster on it.

  • Rewards for Good Maintenance Habits

    If you've always known you needed to defrag on a regular basis, but dreaded the boring job, the new Auslogics Achievements program will turn it into a fun game for you!
    • Collect tokens
      & awards

      As you use the program, you get awards for milestones you pass and earn tokens you can redeem later.

    • Hunt for hidden

      The hidden bonuses in Disk Defrag Touch make using the software fun and help you develop a defrag routine.

    • Compete with

      Keep track of your awards and tokens in your personal achievements account and compete for Supreme Power.

  • The Award-Winning Engine You Trust

    This program runs on the Auslogics Disk Defrag engine, which has over 6 years of development, testing and perfecting behind it and enjoys millions of fans worldwide.
    • Ultra-fast defragmentation

      One of the fastest defraggers out there, it usually only takes minutes to defragment an average-size drive.

    • Thorough free space consolidation

      Getting the free space on your drive consolidated helps prevent future fragmentation and maintain disk speed.

    • Smart placement of system files

      Files needed for your system to function every day are written to the faster part of the drive for top efficiency.

Get a Performance Boost
with Disk Defrag Touch!

Download Now It's 100% FREE

by IT Experts

"We found Disk Defrag fast, even on older XP systems, it's interface couldn't be any easier to use."

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Loved by users

Dr Martin Rushbrooke

"I find this a first class program which totally fulfills my needs as a home user. Many thanks."

Jeanice Walters

"I've used it for 2 or 3 years and I love it. It is so much faster than Windows Disk Defragmenter."

Michael Sturgeon

"I love this application. I have used others that are quite costly and have not been as pleased with them as I am with your product."

David Baker

"The program works great. Have not had any problems. I do like how you can custom the program to meet my demands."

Liam Hoolahan

"The disk defrag is very simple in user interface, its speed and reliability are unbelievable, honest."

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