Service companies

Auslogics has launched a special program for PC technicians and service shops.

Finally, the hundreds of requests from computer technicians and service companies we’ve received have been accommodated! Auslogics programs have always been popular tools used by PC techs all over the world to clean, optimize and protect customers’ computers. Our programs ensure maximum effect and convenience for end users, which makes them perfect for use by service shops that want to get the best PC optimization results for their customers. Auslogics is happy to offer special terms on licenses for our flagship program BoostSpeed 13.


is a comprehensive suite of tools that cover all aspects of computer maintenance and optimization.
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With BoostSpeed, you can help your customers’ computers in many ways:

Use BoostSpeed’s tools to automatically free up disk space and resolve speed issues

The One Click Scanner runs a complete checkup of the entire system for potential disk space, performance, stability and privacy issues. Resolve them in one click, then use the Deep Disk Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, App Uninstaller and Windows Slimmer from the Clean Up tab to maximize free disk space on your customer’s PC.

Optimize disk drives and tweak system settings from one dashboard

Use the Optimize tab to defragment HDD, optimize SSD, improve system security with Win 10/11 Protector, set up real-time resource consumption optimization and a lot more. Speed up connection with automatic and manual Internet Optimizer tools, check disks for errors with Disk Doctor, and use other features from the arsenal of BoostSpeed’s 20+ tools.

Ensure tweak safety with BoostSpeed’s Rescue Center

BoostSpeed can be set up to create a backup prior to running optimization or any other operations. This way, if your customer gets carried away using the software to clean, tweak and optimize on their own, there will always be the option to roll back the changes or restore the system to a previously optimized state.

Auslogics is happy to offer businesses a special license for our flagship software suite – BoostSpeed 13

Business license subscription period – 1 Year
Number of activations: up to 100
$ 299,95
Less than $3 per activation!
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If you need a license for another Auslogics product, or would like to discuss other license terms, please feel free to contact us.