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Auslogics products

You've got computer problems? We've got just the answer! The software we develop and publish at Auslogics includes computer optimization, Internet speedup, disk and registry maintenance and defragmentation tools, virus and spyware protection, computer backup, web browser management, and even emergency file recovery tools.

We always have at least a couple of new projects in the works, trying to bring you, our customers, new useful and innovative programs intended to improve your PC experience and make your life easier.

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  • Up to 80% off the regular price
  • Volume license discounts
  • User-oriented products
  • Free technical support for your customers
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • 24/7 online ordering
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free Not-For-Resale Software

How to Become an Auslogics Reseller?

Becoming an Authorized Reseller of Auslogics products is very easy. All you need to do is submit an online registration form. Within 48 hours, we will review your application and send confirmation that your account has been activated. You will be given all the important information required to start working.

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Disk Defrag

Product Version

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is the advanced version of Disk Defrag Free with extended functionality, including file placement and scheduling options.

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Disk Defrag ULTIMATE

Product Version

Formerly known as Disk Defrag Pro and recently renamed to Ultimate, this program offers all the tools and options you need for complete professional optimization of HDDs and SSDs.

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