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How to fix Unknown USB device link in Compliance Mode?

By Preciate Gwizi | October 26, 2018 |

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If you’re wondering to yourself, ‘How do I fix an unknown USB device on Windows 10?’, know that you’re not alone. A lot of computer users have also experienced the same error. Below are two simple solutions to help you resolve the issue of Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode).

  1. Update your device drivers (almost always fixes the problem)
  2. Reconnect the hard drives

Solution 1: Update your device drivers (almost always fixes the problem)

The most common cause of the Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) is a faulty/outdated/corrupted driver on your system. Figuring out the actual cause can prove to be challenging; especially if you’re not proficient in the computer language. Your best bet is updating each of the available drivers until the problem has been resolved.

Computer drivers can be updated either automatically or manually.

  • Manual update of computer drivers

This method is the best for those who know their way around computers. To manually update drivers, go to the manufacturer’s official website. Search for the latest drivers compatible with your video card. Verify the compatibility by visiting the driver download section and viewing the “Supported Products” tab. The driver download section has several names including; Software Downloads, Driver Downloads, Drivers, Downloads, Drivers and Software, Drivers and Firmware, etc. It might be either one of these names used by your manufacturer.

  • Automatic update of computer drivers

This is the easiest of the two. Automatically updating your computer drivers saves time and eliminates the risk of making the wrong installations. Use the Auslogics Driver Updater tool to update all your drivers in one click automatically. The tool can be trusted because Microsoft has recognized Auslogics for their development of high-quality software that meets the demands of PC users.


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  1. Visit the official Auslogics site and go to the ‘Products’ section
  2. Scroll until you see the ‘Driver Updater.’ You can either opt to download it as a free trial or get the full paid version.
  3. After Driver Updater has been downloaded ‘Run’ the tool and click on the ‘Scan Now’ button. Your computer will get a full scan, and Driver Updater will detect any problematic drivers.
  4. Click on ‘Update All’ for the tool to automatically download and install the correct version of all the problem drivers. (If you’re on the free version, you will need to upgrade at this point.)

Start with Solution 1 as it usually helps solve Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) once.

Solution 2: Reconnect the hard drives

Another problem causing Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) can be incorrectly connected external devices. Knowing the exact device causing the problem is the solution. Meaning, to identify the exact offending device, you must disconnect all devices from your PC.

The second fix for the unknown USB device problem relies on reconnecting all the hard drives to figure out the problem. Do the following:

  1. a)Remove all external drives and unplug them completely from the computer
  2. b)Switch off the PC
  3. c)All devices using an AC adapter should be disconnected from the power supplies and unplugged from the PC
  4. d)Hold up 5 minutes.
  5. e)Power on your system and check whether Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) issue is present:

Should Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) disappear from Device Manager, plug in all your external devices correctly as they were before disconnecting

If Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) still appears in Device Manager, it means that the problem isn’t in any of the external devices. You might have to find help from a professional troubleshooting technician.

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