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Data File Recovery Tips

By Liz Cornwell 26 January 2011 in File Recovery
Oops! Did you accidentally click "Yes" when your computer asked if you really wanted to delete a file, instead of "No"? Don't stress. If you do something about it fast enough, data file recovery is easy. Here's a quick guide to file recovery in Windows.
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How to Delete Temporary Internet Files

By Liz Cornwell 15 November 2010 in Cleanup & Repair
The bad thing about Temporary Internet Files is that they take up a lot of hard drive space and can slow down your computer. In this article we are going to show you how to delete Temporary Internet Files on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
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File Shredder - How to Delete Files Permanently

By Liz Cornwell 11 October 2010 in Privacy & Security
If you're giving away an old computer, need to get rid of confidential documents or records for a business, or simply don't want stuff hanging around after you've hit the Delete key, here's how file shredding software can permanently delete your files.
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Clean My PC

By Liz Cornwell 3 September 2010 in Cleanup & Repair
"There's something wrong with my computer. Can you fix it?" is a question a computer technician hears all the time. So you have a look and discover a perfectly good computer that needs nothing but a bit of cleanup from malware and junk...
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Why Should I Defragment My Hard Drive

By Liz Cornwell 16 August 2010 in Defragmentation
In this article we are going to explain why it's really important to defragment your hard drive and how often you should defrag to keep your files in order and not to damage your hard drive at the same time.
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