How to choose the best File Recovery software

File Recovery seems to be big business. A simple Google search for ‘file recovery’ will show you at least eight advertisements and more than 36,200,000 search results. How to find the best product to recover your deleted files? We’ve put together a little list that will help you choose the right product. For a good price.

Choose an all-in-one product

An average computer contains more than 300 different file types; office documents, photo- and video files, music files and all types of program specific files (.pdf, .psd, .msg, .idd etc.). When you accidentally delete / lose files you often delete more than just one file type. Good File Recovery Software recovers all types of files. From any type of storage device. And not just ‘only pictures from an SD Card’.

Don’t be fooled. The technique behind File Recovery is the same for all file types. Limiting the software to only one file type or only one type of storage device is just a marketing trick to sell more products.

Buy from a trusted company

When looking for file recovery software, you will find a lot of websites that offer ‘the perfect product’. But when you take a closer look at these websites you will notice that there are a lot of different websites that all seem to sell the same product, pretending to be different companies, but are all so similar that it is almost certain that they got the same source. Why pretend to be different companies?

When you are about to buy software online, first take a look at the company’s profile. Can you contact the company? Do they have an office and a physical address listed? Can you connect with them on Facebook? If not, chances are you are being mislead.

Make sure you buy an up-to-date product

Avoid websites that look like they were made in the 1980’s and never been updated. Most likely their product is outdated too. Computer technology changes. And so does the technology to restore deleted files. Make sure you buy a product that is up-to-date. This will guarantee you the best results.

An easy way to check if a product is up-to-date is to check if you can find a version history; is the developer updating the software? Having a look at the version changes log will give you an idea whether the software is regularly updated or not.

Pay attention to the price (and what you get for it)

Funnily enough, the file recovery solutions that can only recover one file type seem to be the most expensive ones. There are products that cost as much as $99. For photo recovery only. Look at the price. You will find good all-in-one products from trustworthy companies for around $50. Some of these solutions even offer a license for more than one computer.

The bottom line is that good file recovery software is not expensive and recovers all file types, from all storage media.

To summarise:

  • Choose an all-in-one product
  • Buy from a trusted company
  • Make sure you get an updated product

Never spend more than $50 on your file recovery product and remember that buying the most expensive software doesn’t provide the best results.