If you are a fan of For Honor, Assassin’s Creed and other Ubisoft games, you may have already spotted one of the many EasyAntiCheat error messages reported by players. The issue seems to result from the problem with the EasyAntiCheat tool that doesn’t let players enter the above games.

If you experience the problem frequently, we are sure you must be frustrated. Luckily, Ubisoft has come up with a list of possible fixes to help you get rid of the annoying EasyAntiCheat error messages in its games.

How to fix the EasyAntiCheat errors when playing Ubisoft games?

There are several standard fixes to the problem. They include:

  • Updating Uplay: make sure you are running the latest version of the game.
  • If you are getting the error message when you are installing the game, visit EasyAntiCheat’s help website and go through the steps in the troubleshooting manual.
  • If you encounter the error when you open Uplay, go to Uplay’s support page and follow the instructions.
  • If you receive the error message when running the game, the two most probable causes are integrity violations and multiplayer issues.

How to fix EasyAntiCheat integrity violation errors?

Below, find the typical integrity violation errors and their possible fixes.

  • Corrupted memory error. This type of error occurs when physically installed RAMs are defective. If this is the case, you will need to check whether your game installation is up-to-date.
  • Corrupted packet flow error. Most probably, you will encounter this error if you are experiencing heavy data packet loss in multiplayer mode. Try switching to another multiplayer game session with better transmission speeds.
  • Forbidden system configuration error. You will get this error message if the Windows Kernel Patch Protection has been turned off or altered — this is also the sign of a rootkit virus infection. To solve the problem, you will need to run a virus scan and remove all the detected malicious items.
  • Forbidden tool error. You will see this type of error when there is a hacking tool running in the background on your PC. You can check if this is the case by going to the Windows Task Manager and making sure there are no unknown programs active on your computer.
  • Internal anti-cheat error. This error signifies that there was a hacking attempt on the anti-cheat core. Make sure that you have the latest game installation.
  • Missing required file error. As the name suggests, this error means that certain game files are missing from the disk. This could be because you are using an outdated version of the game or have deleted these files by accident.
  • Unknown file version. The reasons for this error are identical to the ones above: some files may be missing or you may need to update the version of the game you are using.
  • Unknown game file. In this case, an unknown file has somehow found its way into the game directory. To get rid of the error, close the running game and delete the impostor.
  • Untrusted system file error. This means a system dll was loaded and did not pass the integrity check. To solve this, first, use the System File Checker tool: go to Start>All Programs>Accessories; locate Command Prompt, right-click it and select Run as administrator; type sfc /scannow and wait for the process to complete. Second, run a full anti-malware scan on your PC to make sure there are no virus infections. Third, check if you have all the latest updates via Windows Update.

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How to fix EasyAntiCheat multiplayer issues?

If the EasyAntiCheat issue is caused by multiplayer issues, you are probably getting one of the following error messages:

  • Host or peer validation failed. To get rid of this error, update to the latest game version using Uplay and verify the integrity of the game cache via Steam:
  1. Restart your computer and open Steam.
  2. Go to Library, right-click the game and choose Properties.
  3. Click the Local files tab and select Verify integrity of game files.
  4. The process may take several minutes — follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Kicked: EAC Disconnected. This type of error is the result of a client-side connectivity issue between your computer and the EasyAntiCheat network. Check your firewall and anti-malware settings to see if they are blocking the connection to the following DNS address: client.easyanticheat.net:80.

Make sure you are starting the game through Steam as opposed to the game directory so as not to launch the game without anti-cheat protection.

As we can see from above, quite a few of the EasyAntiCheat errors (as well as a variety of other system errors) can be caused by a malware infection. A program like Auslogics Anti-Malware can help you to not only get rid of malware but also hinder it from getting into your system in the first place, thus preventing this and a variety of other errors.

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