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Используйте BoostSpeed, чтобы узнать
причины замедления ПК!
При помощи более 15 инструментов и функций,
BoostSpeed быстро очистит, починит и ускорит ваш ПК
Всего загрузок: 18,151,165
Последняя версия (11/14/2018)
Работает на:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

by IT Experts

"BoostSpeed includes modules and wizards for any kind of tweak or optimization you can imagine..."

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Loved by users

Colin Hensley

"I use BoostSpeed regularly and it has kept my PC clean and in perfect working condition."

Paul Slow

"BoostSpeed is an excellent product that looks after your PC or Laptop!"

Rudolph Lantine

"BoostSpeed keeps your PC running the way you want it to be, not the way it wants to be!"

Dale Crane

"BoostSpeed - it's like buying 20 different programs rolled up in one."


"Tiny, effective, fast, all modules very useful and clear."

David Weeks

"I never have to worry about installing anything you produce fuzzing up my system."

Mike Middlesworth

Shannon Tuttle

"I wish I could give you constructive criticism but I love every piece of this software."

Allan Brownlee

"I find it excellent and am very pleased with the ease of use."

Robert Johnson

"It keeps my computer running at that peak level, like it was out of the box."

Brad Krohn

"It is a great all-in-one optimization center that replaced all of my paid standalone programs."

Gerry Howser

"Best overall defrag and tuning program I have used (and I've tried many)."

Rex Delph

"Thank you for a great product and attitude towards customers."

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