Data Recovery for Mac
Data Recovery
for Mac
An easy recovery tool to restore data from
your Mac, external HDD, SSD, USB, SD/memory card
and more.
Supports latest macOS Monterey 12.0, Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14,
10.13, 10.12 & 10.11,
Recover your data in 3
Retrieve any kind
of data
Preview files before
saving them
Professional data recovery tool for Mac
Auslogics has partnered with Stellar to bring Mac users this handy app.
Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a first-class program which includes a selection of tools that quickly and safely recover data from Mac devices as well as external storage drives.
It allows you to scan for deleted or lost files and preview them for free. Additionally, you can recover data from crashed Mac devices. It is fully compatible with MacOS Catalina, Mojave and older versions of MacOS. The premium edition of this software also includes tools for video and photo repair.
Recover your data
in 3 steps
Recover files from emptied Trash
The Trash Recovery tool for Mac offers a free simple solution to restoring deleted files from Trash. The software can restore your files even if you have emptied the Trash bin on your Mac. It can also retrieve files that were deleted using the Command-Shift-Delete or Command-Option-Shift-Delete options.
Preview files before
you save them
Recover data from Mac USB drives
This free data recovery tool for Mac can recover deleted data from USB-C drives, portable SSDs, flash media, external hard drives, SD cards and other storage devices. It can recover lost data from any USB drive that has a APFS, HFS, HFS+, exFAT or NTFS file system and works equally well with high-capacity storage drives.
Retrieve any kind
of data
Recover data from formatted partitions
This software can scan formatted partitions on Mac Startup disk and removable storage media to determine the location of lost data. It uses powerful deep scan technology to search the data using file signature, thereby maximizing the recovery of data from formatted partitions.
Do even more with a Premium Version
Recover data from a crashed or unbootable Mac
Premium versions of this recovery software for Mac can also restore data from crashed Mac systems. These paid versions have the ability to create bootable USB recovery media to boot the crashed Mac, access the storage drive and recover the data effortlessly.
Retrieve data from lost partitions
Paid versions of the software can scan and locate lost or deleted partitions on Mac storage drives, allowing recovery of data from such partitions. These premium Mac data recovery tool versions can recover data from lost partitions on Startup disks, USB-C hard drives, portable drives, flash storage, etc.
Recover data from Time Machine
Professional and Premium editions of this software can scan Time Machine backup and restore data. If you have deleted or lost data due to drive corruption or formatting, you can recover it by scanning the Time Machine backup. A benefit of using the software is that you can recover specific files.
Recover files from bad sectors of drives
All the paid editions of this recovery tool for Mac offer disk imaging, allowing recovery of data from the disk image. This feature is helpful for recovering data from hard drives with bad sectors, as recovery from a disk image is faster and helps avoid hard drive failure risks while performing data recovery.
Repair corrupt photos
The Premium edition of this software can repair corrupt photos taken with DSLRs, digital cameras, drones, Android phones etc. This paid version can easily repair distorted, grainy, blurry, pixelated and greyed-out images, and restore the images to their original state.
Repair corrupt videos
The Premium edition of this tool can also fix corrupt video files shot with all types of cameras such as DSLRs, action cameras, drones, CCTV cameras, etc. This software can resolve choppiness, blurriness, and stuttering, etc., and will work seamlessly with brands such as Canon®, Sony®, GoPro®, etc.
3 steps to Recover
Data on Mac
Step 1
Select File Type
Select the type of data you want to recover.
Step 2
Select the Location
Select the Startup disk or location, and click Scan.
Step 3
Preview & Recover
Preview the scanned files and click Recover.
Choose your plan
Recover data from all Mac devices
Recover files from encrypted drive
1 Year License
Recover data from all Mac devices
Create bootable USB drives
Repair corrupt photos and videos
1 Year License
Recover data from all Mac devices
Create bootable USB drives
Repair corrupt photos and videos
1 Year License
License validity 1 Year License 1 Year License 1 Year License
Installations Single system Single system Single system
Data recovery Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
OS required macOS macOS macOS
Recovers deleted files
Supports APFS, HFS+, FAT32, NTFS and ExFAT
Recovers data from lost volumes
Creates recovery drives
Recovers files from formatted systems
Recovers files from non-booting macOS devices New!
Monitors hard drive health (SMART) & HDD cloning
Repairs corrupt or distorted videos
Repairs corrupt or distorted photos
Repairs multiple videos or photos simultaneously
Our software is recognized by leading IT magazines and online resources
“Stellar Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery tools we’ve used, with highly customizable searches, a huge file-type library, and deep scan abilities.”

See review on Techradar
“In May of 2021, we ran tests on Stellar Data Recovery to verify the reviews from other websites. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised with this software. First, the software is incredibly fast. Upon opening Stellar Data Recovery, we quickly chose the location we’d like to search for files. Within seconds, Stellar Data Recovery found over 1,600 files (some of which we weren’t even expecting the software to find).”

See review on Techjunkie
“Great costumer service! I have not yet used the software but the costumer service is excellent. They are quick to respond and willing to help via a chatbox. There is an actual person interacting with you, no bots here! Which is a relief because the experience I've had with bots is terrible. I feel confident I will not be disappointed by the product. Will come back to leave a review after using the software.”

See review on Trustpilot
Data recovery tool for every mac user
Storage Devices
Restore Data from
All Mac Devices and Drives
Use the free file recovery tool for Mac to retrieve data from various storage drives.
Recovers from devices running on macOS Big Sur to OS X El Capitan
Recovers from Fusion drive, Time Machine & more
Retrieves from SSDs, portable HDDs, jump drives, etc.
File Types
Recover All File
Formats from Mac Systems for Free
This tool can retrieve all leading file types associated with Mac.
Recovers hundreds of file formats from Mac
Restores files from Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Mail, etc.
Retrieves deleted Word, PowerPoint, Excel files & more
Recover 1 GB of data,
absolutely free
*Recover up to 1GB of lost or deleted data for free
Supports latest macOS Monterey 12.0, Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14,
10.13, 10.12 & 10.11,