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Managing Shell Extensions in Auslogics BoostSpeed

As further into the digital age we go, the value of a fast, stable computer only increases. New hardware models are produced all the time, claiming to have the fastest speed or most efficient performance. Inevitably, the user soon gets dissatisfied with them and wants something else when the system starts to visibly groan and creak from the weight of all the resource-intensive applications.

Rather than cast the eyes further afield in lust after the latest models, you can take care of your system and watch it provide superb experience day in and day out. All you need is software that boosts performance and helps you eliminate all the things that cause reduction in both speed and stability.

It is inevitable that both hardware and software become less capable of handling things in the long run. For software, constant updates can keep things ticking along nicely. Hardware is a different matter. Replacing components is usually costly, and so most people are stuck with their rig until they get another.

The good news is Auslogics BoostSpeed is here to aid everyone to have a computer free of speed and performance issues in Windows. It uses industry-leading techniques developed by the Auslogics team to easily dispose of items that adversely affect the ability of the computer to perform at optimum levels.

Be it memory, storage, power, or connectivity, BoostSpeed leaves no aspect unchecked. It optimizes every part of the system, ensuring corrupt and unnecessary files don't stay around to take up valuable space. For example, memory overload can cause a system to run at a snail's pace. BoostSpeed locates the programs using up most of the memory and terminates them, instantly freeing up memory for the applications and processes that actually require it.

As a matter of course, Auslogics BoostSpeed comes with plenty of tools and functions that allow you to selectively optimize your system. Cleaner tools allow you to eliminate junk files such as Windows Update leftovers, temporary files, Sun Java files, and useless internet caches. Task Scheduler lets you manage and schedule system tasks so processes can work in a streamlined and efficient manner. Uninstall Manager gives you a powerful method to remove stubborn programs from your computer without leaving any leftover files behind.

No doubt, a lot can be written about the different functions in BoostSpeed. Our focus here is on the Shell Manager tool. This page explains what it is and how to use it so your system can have faster load times and generally perform better as a result.

What Are Shell Extensions in Windows?

To better understand the function of the Shell Manager tool in Auslogics BoostSpeed, an understanding of the Windows shell and shell extensions will be greatly beneficial. When it comes to tinkering with technical things like shell extensions, the more knowledgeable you are, the less chances of inadvertently changing something you have.



Windows Shell

To put it simply, the Windows shell is the sum total of the interactive graphical interface for the Microsoft Windows operating system. On Windows, the Windows shell consists of objects like the Start Menu, Control Panel, File Explorer, Taskbar, Desktop, This PC, Library, Recycle Bin, etc. They are the default Windows and special folders users can interact with.

Underneath the graphical interface you interact with is the actual shell that takes your commands and operations and passes them to the OS kernel. When you open File Manager in the taskbar, for example, the shell essentially passes on a command to the kernel to run explorer.exe.

What Are Shell Extensions?

Shell extensions are programs that add new functionality to the system shell. They extend what the shell can do either on a per-file or global basis. They can be made by Microsoft or be the creation of third-party developers. Shell extensions can be installed automatically when the parent program is installed. They can also be manually added by the user.

The most common type of shell extension casual users will encounter is the context menu handler. This type adds a new entry to the context menu that shows up when a file or empty space is right-clicked. What shows up can vary by where the click occurs. For example, when you right-click an archive, an option will appear in the menu to extract the archive using the archive program installed on the system (WinZip, WinRar, 7Zip, etc.). Edit the right click context menu properly using the Shell Manager.

How to Manage Shell Extensions with Auslogics BoostSpeed's Shell Manager?

Certain applications and processes are scheduled to run at system boot. Once you start up the computer, they are loaded by the system kernel. Too many startup items can make your machine run sluggishly. The longer the list of autorun items (items that run automatically at startup), the longer the system takes to boot up and be ready for use.

The logical move is to reduce the number of autorun startup items to the barest minimum. Apart from speeding up system boot times, it also has a positive impact on PC performance. With less tasks to handle and more space available for running processes, there will be a noticeable speed boost.

With the Startup Manager in Auslogics BoostSpeed, you can manage your startup items to squeeze as much speed out of the system as possible. The tool lets you monitor and organize auto-booting items for the best results. You can use it to cut down on the list of Windows shell extensions that run at startup and make your PC slow.

The Shell Extension Manager in BoostSpeed is located inside the Startup Manager. To access it, select the All Tools tab on the BoostSpeed home screen and select Startup Manager under System Tools. The Startup Manager opens as a separate tab from which you can interact with its various features.

On the left side of the Startup Manager tab, in the horizontal menu bar, you will find the Shell Extensions option. Select that option to display a list of all the shell extensions, running or not, on your Windows PC.

On the Shell Extensions page, the extensions are arranged alphabetically. The Display Name column gives the name of each extension. The Developer column contains the name of each program’s developer. This area will naturally be dominated by Microsoft Corporation. The Rating column grades each extension according to the level of trustworthiness, while the Location column gives the path of each extension on the registry.

Beside each extension is a checkbox that signifies the status of the item. A ticked checkbox means the extension is running, while an empty one signifies that it has been disabled. When you click an item on the list, information about it is displayed at the bottom of the screen — the extension’s name, publisher, startup type, status, availability, and rating.

How to Work with Shell Extensions in Auslogics BoostSpeed? Should I install shell extensions

The Shell Extensions tool in BoostSpeed allows you to manage shell extensions on the system for the best results. As you know, running too many startup items has a detrimental impact on both loading time and system performance.

If you notice that there are simply too many running shell extensions or that not all of them are trustworthy, you can take action to rectify it with this tool.

Before you take action, make sure you've understood what a shell extension does. In particular, you should be clear about the function of the individual extensions you wish to operate on. First, click on an extension and read the information about it at the bottom of the screen.

  • Disable a Shell Extension

This is very easy to do. Simply navigate to the extension and untick the checkbox beside it. That's all.

The more extensions you disable, the faster your system boots up.

However, avoid disabling shell extensions that are critical to how the operating system works.

  • Remove a Shell Extension

If you want to completely remove an extension instead of simply disabling it, you should back the extension up first so you can restore it should something go wrong.

When you've done that, select the extension and click Delete from the options menu that appears at the top.

  • Terminate Dangerous Shell Extensions

If a few of the shell extensions on the page are marked as "Dangerous", that is usually because they are. You can disable them in one go.

Simply click ‘Disable Dangerous’ in the options menu at the top.

Remember that you must have sufficient knowledge of what you are doing before you play around with the Shell Extensions Manager in BoostSpeed. Otherwise, the actions you take here can have unintended consequences. That said, the Shell Extensions Manager in BoostSpeed gives you full control of shell extensions that load at startup. It allows you to disable or remove unnecessary ones, thus making your PC boot faster and perform better. By the way, BoostSpeed’s Task Manager is designed to significantly improve the results you can get.

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Version | 38.1MB | Released: 2023.10.26.
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

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