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"I think it is the best program I have ever bought. I have tried them all: Norton, Fix-It Utilities and many more, searching for something to speed up my old XP Toshiba Laptop!"
Dennis Anderson, US
"I simply LOVE this product! It does everything I need to do for cleaning up my system, defrag and protecting against spyware. All for a great price."
Margaret Duddy, US
"Tiny, effective, fast, all modules very useful and clear."
Arunas, Italy
"Having been using Auslogics on my computers for a long time speaks for itself. My PC was running extremely slow just ten minutes ago as a result of installing a high memory-hungry program - I was mortified! Then I invoked BoostSpeed and in a very short time I am enjoying 0-60 in 1 second... or whatever."
Michael Gamble, UK
"I'm glad I incidentally found your BoostSpeed. I have the impression that I can clean up my computer and live in a "clean house". My COMPUTER is now more MY computer. So thank you."
Jan Engelen, the Netherlands
"BoostSpeed - it's like buying 20 different programs rolled up in one."
Dale Crane, US
"Extremely pleased with your program. I find it much superior to Uniblue registry booster, in despite of some unfair reviews that give it the 1st rank... It seems very honest and very complete to me, does not create false errors of all kinds to impress average computer user by pretending cleaning hundreds of "problems"..."
Coreen Hillion, US
"I just purchased the full version of BoostSpeed 4 and yes, I tried it free first as I have with many other programs and I must say I've found no other program that even comes close to BoostSpeed."
Thomas Hunt, US
"I would recommend this software, I was impressed and with all the B.S. out there it did speed up my Vista Home Premium. Very good job guys!!"
Donald Broyles
"...I have spent over $300 USD to fix [a laptop] and even the pro's could not get it fixed. I ran [Auslogics BoostSpeed] one time - with the one button check up and then the registry defrag and all my problems were solved..."
Mark Gagnon
"Among many other things, I love the fact that the license extends to three machines."
William Greuling, US
"I never have to worry about installing anything you produce fuzzing up my system."
David Weeks, US
"Excellent software. Gets better with each new version."
Mike Middlesworth, US
"I wish I could give you constructive criticism but I love every piece of this software."
Shannon Tuttle
"I think it's awesome! It works fast to defrag the hard drive of my computer, it gets rid of all the junk I download from the net, and it makes my computer work faster. Thank you guys!"
Miguel Carvajal, US
"I was very impressed with BoostSpeed. I've used CCleaner, Advanced System Care and Systweak, but this was my favorite... BoostSpeed catches registry errors and junk files that the other cleaners don't pick up, so I use this over the others. It definitely helped the speed of my older laptop too!"
Kevin Stephenson
" far I think it is terrific. Seems to clean up and optimize without harming anything like previous utilities I have used. Use it on a Vista machine."
Curt Bartrug, US
"This thing works wonders! The defrag and disk cleanup software are exponentially faster than those that Windows provides with the PC."
Timothy Daggett, US
"All the other software, in my opinion do nothing. Yours is the first I have tried that I feel actually does what it promises. I'm a trader and make my living from the reliability of my machines. I've only used the BoostSpeed a few days, but definitely see a difference."
Andrew Akapnitis, US
"...Purchased a full copy for myself and using on my personal high end 64 bit laptop. Love it. I still have't had one problem or complaint with the many systems and networks I service. That is unheard of! I don't know what you guys are doing, but don't change it. :)"
Noah D.
"I find it excellent and am very pleased with the ease of use."
Allan Brownlee, Australia
"Great Program - it made my laptop get more faster. I tried the free version once and when I read all the errors I had, I was surprised. And there is a way to fix error manually but it would take a long time so this program does that for me. And it optimizes my laptop really good."
Alexannder, Mexico
"I think it's great. I have used other registry managers, cleaners, etc. This works fantastically. I would recommend to anyone."
Timothy E. Moses
"It seems to do a good job of cleaning out the registry and left over internet files. I am amazed and how many unwanted files and unwanted registry entries can occur over a relatively short time. Anyway........Good Job!!!!"
Lu Bivins, US
"Auslogics BoostSpeed is an excellent program and keeps my pc running at optimum performance. You have a winning product...keep it up!"
Ruaan Houy
"Fantastic program... it sped up my laptop after being neglected for some time. Minimal results on my desktop but that's because I clean it up on regular basis. I've since used it on friends' computers and my work computer, all with decent results."
Warren Dunlop
"Outstanding program! Keep me informed as to anything new and/or updates. I recommend this program to everyone I can."
Philip McDaniel, US
"Best overall defrag and tuning program I have used (and I've tried many)."
Gerry Howser, US
"It is a great all-in-one optimization center that replaced all of my paid standalone programs."
Brad Krohn, US
"It keeps my computer running at that peak level, like it was out of the box."
Robert Johnson, US
"Great product. Have used Symantec and other similar programs before. None of them work as well as Auslogics BoostSpeed."
Chuck Reinders, US
"I find your product excellent in every way. Your product has many other advantages with it that's included with the download, making everyone's computer faster and much safer..."
Carlos Orraca
"Thank you for a great product and attitude towards customers."
Rex Delph
"I regularly recommend your product for its ease of use and speed. It is an excellent piece of software which I would not be without."
Tom Brown, UK
"I can not fault your program to date...10 out of 10 from me... Money well spent, Kudos to the team at 'auslogics'..."
Christopher Ivicic, Australia
"It is really a great program I really like it and it is so easy. It would be nice if it were free like the Disk Defrag and the Registry Defrag are."
"...Your product is tremendous. It solved a major problem I had when shutting down my PC. I would get over twenty error messages when trying to shut down. Your program solved that problem completely. I will purchase your software and recommend it to all of my friends and business associates..."
Mark R. Borner, US