SD is one of the storage devices that are used to store data. They can be used to store various types of data, from your photos to your professional documents. However, there might be times when your SD card stops working, or the files in it become corrupt. This may happen due to factors like virus infection, breaking of SD card, etc. There are multiple ways to protect and prevent your SD card from corruption, however, before preventing it you ought to know how to identify the signs that your SD card is in trouble.

Here are the most common signs that your SD card has broken and is not working properly:

  • Files go missing: One of the most visible signs that your SD card is in trouble, when some of the files stored in it go missing, or they may appear or disappear on their own. For example, a song that you downloaded yesterday is not there anymore even when you have not deleted it, this might be a sign that your card is suffering from a file system error.
  • Error messages: sometimes when your card gets corrupted, it will start showing miscellaneous error messages on the screen. Messages like ‘error’, ‘access denied’ are examples of error messages. It can happen when you try to open a particular file and it does not open.
  • SD card is not recognized: The most common sign and easily recognizable is when your system in which you have attached or inserted the SD card, is not able to recognize it. For example, if you insert your SD card into a card reader and insert the card reader into the operating system and it is unable to recognize any SD card, it surely means that your card is damaged.
  • The appearance of Unknown files: Sometimes there is a chance that unknown files appear on the SD card. These unknown files are malware and are a result of a virus. If unknown files appear on your card, it is a sign that your card is infected with a virus. This can cause damage to your card as well as your files and you may end up losing your data. It is advised to kill those viruses in the card and get your data recovered with the help of a data recovery company.
  • Read/write failure: If you attempt to save files in your SD card and they don’t get saved, there is a chance that your card is damaged. Users sometimes tend to think that the only cause could be write-protection; however, one should not ignore the possibility of your card being corrupted.
  • Black screen in the camera: In some cases, the SD card is so extremely damaged that it ends up affecting the operating system as well. The damaged card can cause device malfunction such as a black screen in the camera. So, if one day your camera starts showing a black screen, keep in mind that it could be because of a corrupted SD card and you would most likely require a professional SD card recovery.