How to remove ‘React to this message’ messages on Skype?

By Preciate Gwizi | November 1, 2018 |

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Skype is forging ahead. With new and more interesting apps introduced frequently, it’s time for Skype to step up to the plate. Thus, it has been decided that the days of Skype 7.0 are now part of history.

Effective from October, Skype users have to either ditch the app and settle for an alternative or get used to Skype 8.0. This new version of Skype fully resembles the mobile version, even in terms of behaving like an instant messenger. There are a lot of alterations to the features, including message reactions in Skype 8.0.

Message reactions allow users to react/respond using an emoji. For business and mature users who opt for Skype over other IM apps, this new development is somewhat silly and informal. But if you know better and wouldn’t want to upset your business by changing communication platforms, then you’re most probably looking for how to disable React to this message Skype alerts.

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How can you disable ‘React to this message’ Skype alerts?

For now, there is no known way to disable react to this message.

Skype alerts. If you opt to continue using Skype, then you must get used to these alerts. Although you cannot disable them, you can most definitely avoid the alerts. To do so, don’t click on the emoji icon beneath the sender’s name. In the future, the disabling feature and other improvements might be added, but as of now, if you want to continue using Skype, then you need to get used to the version 8.0 as it is.

How to Undo an Action Once you ‘React to this message’ Using Skype Emojis

If you accidentally place a reaction, remove it effortlessly the same manner you place it. Click on the reaction icon lodged next to the sender’s name and click directly on top of the emoji you have used. That’s enough to undo the reaction.

We trust this has been an informative read for you. In case you have not yet noticed the reactions option on Skype, log into your account. The emoticon icon is right at the end of every message to allow you to react to messages individually. Click one to try it out and decide by yourself.

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