How to Install Progressive Web Apps in Chrome on Windows 10?

By Nicholas Nabakwe | December 27, 2018 |

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that load as regular websites or web pages but have the benefit of offering the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access that has been a preserve of native apps. PWAs are installable, and they will live on your home screen without the need of an app store.

Google’s Chrome 70 allows its users to install Progressive Web Apps in the browser on a Windows 10 device. Progressive Web Apps, when installed on a desktop, provide you with an experience similar to that of native apps since PWAs are integrated into the OS.

The good thing about PWAs is that you can launch them from the operating system’s desktop and they can be used offline.  However, offline support depends on the application and the kind of functionality that it provides. Some services like a Notepad PWA will work correctly, while other services such as Twitter and Spotify will require internet access to download data to your device.

PWAs may use the operating system’s functionality. An excellent example is the use of Windows 10’s notification center. We will show you the steps you can follow to install PWAs in Chrome.

How to install Progressive Web Apps in Chrome?

  • Visit a page with a PWA.
  • Click on Menu.
  • Then click Install [App Name] to install the specific Progressive Page App.
  • Chrome will load the application in its interface and at the same time add it to the operating system’s list of installed applications.

Windows 10 users will find the application listed in the Start Menu and can load it from there at any time.

That’s how to install PWAs in Google Chrome.

So let’s take Twitter as an example:

  • Head on to the Twitter Mobile site.
  • Click “Menu.”
  • You should see an option to “Install Twitter.”
  • Click “Install Twitter.”
  • You’ll instantly get the application with its window, taskbar icon, and start menu entry.

How to uninstall Progressive Web Apps?

To uninstall a PWA:

  • Click the menu button found at the top of the app’s window.
  • Click “Uninstall [App Name].”

Benefits of PWAs

PWAs deserve a place on your home screen because they offer a new level of quality and a great user experience.

Final words

Google is promoting Progressive Web Apps since they firmly believe that through those apps, they can provide users with a deeply engaging experience. PWAs are indeed a viable option because they enable a user to browse content even when offline. Also, the fact that a user does not have to download them from an app store makes them convenient.

To get the most out of the PWAs, you need to ensure that your Windows system operates optimally.  Using a product like Auslogics BoostSpeed can help you tune your PC for peak performance by diagnosing your entire system to locate junk files and speed-reducing issues. Auslogics will sweep out all types of PC junk, including web browser cache, unused error logs, as well as unneeded system and temporary user files. This way, your PC will stay fast and stable for all your tasks.

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