You are here because you encountered a blue screen with the 0c00000103 error while using your Windows 10 computer. What is error 0c00000103 in windows 10? Whenever this error appears on your PC, it is an indication that the MUP (Multiple Universal Naming Convention Provider) has encountered unexpected or invalid data. This means that the MUP is unable to channel a remote file system request to the UNC Provider (Universal Naming Convention). It is important to note that the UNC is the network redirector on your PC. If the MUP is unable to channel a request to the network redirector, the MUP_FILE_SYSTEM blue screen error will occur.

How to resolve MUP_FILE_SYSTEM on Windows 10

You can use any of the following solutions to resolve the BSOD error on your computer:

  1. Carry out a physical check on the hardware.
  2. Update or roll back your drivers.
  3. Run the Driver Verifier.
  4. Remove any piece of hardware that you installed recently.
  5. Fix all issues that are related to the IRQ.
  6. Use Software to solve the problem automatically.

If you regularly create System Restore points, then you can attempt to restore your system to a previous or older point. This will undo any recent modification that was made on your computer.

Note: Before you carry out any of the solutions that we will be discussing in this article, we recommend that you perform them only in Safe Mode with Networking. To boot your system into Safe Mode, you can do this:

  • Press Shift + Restart to reboot your Windows 10 into the Advanced Startup Options
  • Select Troubleshoot Advanced Options > Startup Settings
  • At this point, press the Number 4 key; this will take you to the Startup Settings You can Press the Number 4 key to reboot your system into Safe Mode.
  • Press the number 5 key to restart your PC into Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Alternatively, you can press the number 6 key to restart into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Another method that you can use to boot your system in Safe Mode is to go to the Settings app and select Update & Security. Choose Recovery, and then select Restart Now under Advanced Startup. After the restart has been executed, you can then follow the procedure outlined above to access the Troubleshoot function and boot into Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking.

How to fix the MUP_FILE_SYSTEM Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

To fix the MUP Blue Screen error, you can do the following:

  • Carry out a physical check on your hardware

Hardware malfunction can result in this error. We, therefore, recommended that you check to see if some of the components of your computer such as the network card are covered by dust. Use a small blower or a soft cloth to rub them clean. Avoid using wet material or a wet blower. This is because moisture can damage the circuitry of your device and its hardware.

In addition, check to see if there is any physical damage to the hardware. Do this very carefully, because any slight bruise that you mistakenly inflict on your PC while carrying out this check can cause your computer to stop working. You do not want to go through the financial burden associated with that. If you are not confident about doing this yourself, employ the services of a trained technician.

  • Update or roll back your drivers

Another solution that has been known to work for Windows 10 users is to roll back drivers to a previous version. If you started noticing the stop error after you updated some drivers, you should perform a rollback and return the drivers to their previous versions before the update. However, if you have not performed driver updates in a while, then you should perform an update and see if this solves the problem.

The MUP error can occur because of outdated drivers. It is usually as a result of drivers associated with network cards, graphics cards, chipsets, disk drives, and any other device whose driver is related to the SwapBuffers.sys and MUP.sys system files.

To update or roll back drivers:

  • Go to the WinX menu (Windows + X) and select Device Manager.
  • Click on the device category, then right-click the device and select Properties.
  • On this next step, you should switch to the Driver section, and then choose the Rollback option.
  • If the Rollback option is not available, that means the Driver version is not a recent one. Click on Update Driver to allow Windows to run an automatic check and uncover any existing problems.

Run the Driver Verifier

Windows has a very useful tool that you can use to identify malfunctioning drivers. This is called the Driver Verifier Manager. To use this solution:

  • Open the Device Verifier Manager and Click on Delete existing settings.
  • Select Finish, and then restart your PC to see if this corrected the error.

If this solution does not work, you can always go back and reverse the changes you have made. However, if this works and the tool identifies any malfunctioning drivers, you should consider uninstalling them. Then check to see if this solves the problem. You can also reinstall clean versions of the uninstalled drivers, and then run the Driver Verifier Manager again to ensure that they are working properly.

Remove any hardware that you installed recently

If you recently connected a new hardware device to your computer, you should disconnect it. This is because it could be the trigger for the MUP FILE SYSTEM error. If the newly installed hardware is engaging the processor with several malfunctioning codes such as faulty driver installation, this can cause the error to occur.

We, therefore, recommend that you remove each of the newly installed devices one after the other to identify if any of them is the cause of the problem. If this works and you identify the hardware triggering the error, you should check to ensure that the drivers needed to operate the device is correctly installed and compatible with your PC.

Fix all issues that are related to the IRQ

If none of the solutions above solved the problem for you, then it could be an issue related to IRQ. To correct this, consider switching your PCI cards around. In addition, you should check if the IRQ2 is assigned to an unavailable COM Port. If it is assigned to a port that is unavailable at the time, this can trigger the error.


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