These days, spending time online is the norm rather than the exception. Some computer devices, such as the Chromebook, are even specially designed to start browsing immediately. As most of us surf the internet daily, we would prefer the kind of connection speed that makes it worthwhile.

Unfortunately, your current connection speed may not match the speeds advertised by your ISP for your contract. This can be very frustrating since you are not getting what you paid for. If you are really certain that you should be getting higher speeds, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to do something about it.

How to make internet work faster in Windows 10

The issue with your network may be nothing more than slower than expected speeds. However, sometimes, problems like poor WiFi connection and a throttled bandwidth can get in the way. If there are several users sharing the network, bandwidth has to be shared among everyone, which can slow things down even more. Malware attacks and technical glitches from your internet service provider’s end cannot be discounted either.

These are examples of technical issues that can cause your network speed to slow down. However, before you slide into a state of alarm because you think you aren’t a tech savant, there is no need to be too worried. If you have checked that your hardware and the connection are perfectly fine, you can squeeze out higher speeds from your network connection.

The internet and browser tool in Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 will help you to load web pages at the fastest possible speed. Dubbed Internet Optimizer, this tool will find your current network speed and tweak your internet settings to boost your internet connection to the upper limits of your allocated bandwidth.

To be clear, the effectiveness of this tool depends on your internet contract with your ISP. Internet Optimizer is less likely to be of help to you if you are already getting close to the speeds stipulated in your contract.

Internet Optimizer makes it easy for you to get an idea of whether your network speed is in need of a boost. It analyzes your network speed and gives you a figure that you can compare with the speeds advertised by your ISP. Thus, you can decide whether to use the tool to adjust your current internet settings to get even faster speeds.

The great thing about Internet Optimizer is that you don’t need lots of knowledge in internet tweaking to use it in boosting connection speeds. Just by clicking two buttons, you will be able to get your browsing and downloading done faster.

What you do need, are the simple instructions below on how to use the tool to speed up internet connection in Windows 10.


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  1. Launch Auslogics BoostSpeed and select the All Tools tab.
  2. Scroll down the All Tools tab to the Internet & Browser Tools section and select Internet Optimizer.
  3. Under “Specify your internet connection speed”, choose between Fast, Average, Below Average and Slow. Do this if you already know your current network speed.

Otherwise, click the “Check my actual internet connection speed” link to open a third-party site where you can find out how fast your connection is. It is recommended to run the test a minimum of three times and calculate the average test result. Compare the average result to the speed your ISP promised for your contract. If your current speed is lower than the promised speed by a significant degree, move on to the next step.

  1. Click the Analyze button to conduct the assessment of your connection. You will be presented with a list of suboptimal connection configurations.
  2. To boost your network speed, click the Optimize button.

When the tool is done optimizing, restart your computer and test your connection speed. It is sure to be closer to the speeds advertised for your contract. You will be able to enjoy faster downloading and web-surfing speeds!