Defrag the Registry to Speed Up Your Computer

Programs on your computer access the registry thousands of times per second. This means that the registry gets bloated and fragmented with time, just like hard drives. And of course that affects your PC performance and makes your computer slower.
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Factors that May Cause Hard Disk Failure

By Liz Cornwell 15 February 2009 in Cleanup & Repair
Most of your computer's components are purely electronic and can only be damaged by electronic means. However, hard disks are subject to both electronic and mechanical stresses. Here's a guide to protecting against hard disk failure.
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"Disk Defragmenter Could Not Start" Error - 10 Possible Solutions

By Liz Cornwell 24 January 2009 in Defragmentation
Most of the time, Windows error messages give you little information or clue as to what the problem is. If you've encountered the defrag error message "Disk defragmenter could not start", here is a list of possible solutions to your problem.
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