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"I love this application. I have used others that are quite costly and have not been as pleased with them as I am with your product."
Michael Sturgeon, US
"I've used it for 2 or 3 years and I love it. It is so much faster than Windows Disk Defragmenter."
Jeanice Walters
"Your defrag tool is the best! Thanks for supplying it for free, it is appreciated."
Peter Marshall, Canada
"Your Disk Defragmenter is a joy to watch, a pleasure to use and the report is quite stunning. Thank you Auslogics!"
Tony Skelding, UK
"I tried it few times and until now I faced no problems. Defrag is much better than the preinstalled one in Windows. I give you an A++..."
Pavel Ambroz, Czech Republic
"I love this much better than the typical Windows version, and it is so much faster!!!"
Carole Ann, US
"Program works fine - no glitches, interface is intuitive, program works fast. I'm using Auslogics Disk Defrag for disk defragmentation, rather than usual MS soft. Thank you for this tool!"
Alexander Skurlov, UA
"I love it!!! It is straightforward and so much faster than Windows 7 defrag!! Thanks!"
Martha Landon, US
"I think it's fantastic. Nice layout and works faster, and easy to use with no problems so far. Thanks Guys..."
Josephine Tyrrell, Canada
"It's an amazing little piece of software. I love the way that the newest version allows to defrag multiple disks at once. And it's tremendously fast. Thanks for the awesome software, put up a little donation box, I would gladly donate a few bucks."
Jeremiah Sarella
"Absolutely fantastic. Your products really are the best. The disk defrag is very simple in user interface, its speed and reliability are unbelievable, honest."
Liam Hoolahan, US
"It defrags my 250 G drive in under 10 minutes. It never re-starts even if the contents is changing which is why I never bothered with the windows version that comes with the pc."
John Calleja, UK
"I really am glad I found this!! My defrag in Windows kept hanging up and not completing. Now I can defrag completely with your program. It is fast, and simple to use too. Thanks!!!"
Joyce Clark
"Excellent utility that I do recommend to every friend of mine and at the school."
Mel Morales, US
"I use it as my default disk defrager. I especially like two new features: being able to defrag all disks either simultaneously or sequentially and moving system files to the beginning of disk. Also being able to defrag a USB is very cool."
Alex Georgiev, US
"This was the fastest defrag I have ever used! Kudos to you and your team! Please always keep us up with your diligence!"
Ginger Ward
"Really, cool & easy program, I've use that approx. 2 years - no problem. Thank you so much!!!"
Serge Pestov, Pakistan
"I like your program. The updates since I first used it till now are amazing and it works like a charm."
"I find this a first class program which totally fulfills my needs as a home user. Many thanks."
Dr Martin Rushbrooke, UK
"I love the new look and the speed of the program which works flawlessly. First, I ran three other defrag programs and then I ran Auslogics - which found even more fragmented files left over from the other programs - now I use Auslogics exclusively!"
Thomas Saporito, US
"I really like it. Auslogics Disk Defrag is a lot faster than the one already installed on my PC by Vista. Kudos for making such a fine product and I look forward to each new version!!"
Jon Fryett, US
"I can tell You I am really surprised by the result, as I am not an experienced computer freak I can tell You I am very happy with the way my PC is running again."
Gerrit Kolkman, The Netherlands
"The best defrag ever. It made my computer run twice as fast. A friend called to complain about his computer being so slow that he was going to have to buy a new one. I made him download Auslogics Disk Defrag and his computer is running like new."
James Briggs, US
"The program works great. Have not had any problems. Does not slow email or web-surfing while running. I do like how you can custom the program to meet my demands. Thanks Auslogics for such a great program."
David Baker, US
"The Auslogics Defrag seems to work very well. It definitely is user friendly!"
Debra Burke, US
"Awesome Program, Really fast for defragmentation."
"Absolutely fabulous. It's faster than light. Best defrag there has ever been, and my pc runs better than ever, tops by a long, long way. Thanks Auslogics."
Gary Glover, UK
"I absolutely love the program. It is very quick at defragmenting my hard drive and does not slow my computer down what so ever."
Matt Heimpel
"Excellent program! My new primary Defrag program! Thanks for all of your hard work!"
Johnathan Sawyer
"Moderate user, but I prefer auslogics defrag, over the windows defrag. I think the program is optimal."
R. Lidl
"I really like the software. It does a thorough job of defragmenting my computer in a short period of time."
Jim Racle, US
"Easy, fast and zero hassles with Windows OS. I love it and have recommended it to my friends. Thanks so much!"
Robert Snare, US
"Fantastic!!! Best Defrag program out there that I have seen. Really quick and efficient - what more could one ask for... Thanks for your great work - keep doing it..."
Barry Krock, US
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