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How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Memory Card
January 11, 2012 Recently I've started getting emails asking how to recover deleted pictures from memory card? The first thing you should do is stop panicking. Seriously, you will do more harm than good by doing something erratic. Just calm down and take that memory card out of your camera. The next thing you should do...
Three Good New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy PC
January 05, 2012 It’s traditional to have good New Year's resolutions – I’ve come up with some and I’m sure you have too. Now the holidays are over, but it’s not too late to make some resolutions for 2012. I’m talking about something that will make your life a bit easier and help your computer a lot.
Auslogics Answers Top 5 PC Speedup Questions of 2011
December 28, 2011 The year 2011 has been a productive one. For a start, our software was selected as one of the most popular downloads in the annual CNET Download.com’s “Top 11 Downloads” Award. We are very happy about that and we want to thank every single one of 15,368,763 people who downloaded our software from CNET alone.
Buying Presents With Auslogics
December 21, 2011 When buying presents, the golden rule is to get either something cool or something really useful. Ideally something that is both cool and useful. But hey, who wants to spend $700+ on a new PC when Auslogics BoostSpeed can make your old one just as fast for as little as $49.95!
Windows 7 SSD Tweaks
December 14, 2011 As you know from our previous newsletter, SSDs can only perform a certain number of writes per cell. For average consumer SSDs it’s about 10,000 writes per cell. When this number of writes is reached, the SSD won’t be able to write to the cells anymore. Don’t get me wrong, all the information on it will be safe and you will have no problems reading it – you just won’t be able to overwrite it anymore. And now let’s do some maths and see how long it will take to reach this number.
Does Using an SSD Make a Difference?
December 07, 2011 Does using an SSD make a difference? How to deal with SSDs? Should I defrag my SSD? So, as per your request, I’m going to shed some light on SSDs in this newsletter.
Computer Maintenance Questions Answered!
November 20, 2011 In this email I’ll answer the most frequently asked computer maintenance questions from our subscribers: Why doesn’t my computer run as fast as it did when it was new? Why does the registry keep getting corrupted? How to get rid of unwanted bloatware? How do I make my PC boot faster? How to remove remnants of old programs that were uninstalled in the past?
How to Wipe a Hard Drive
November 02, 2011 Are you wondering how to wipe a hard drive? Are you worried that your deleted files can be recovered? Learn how Auslogics can help you protect your privacy by wiping your hard drive’s free space.
How to Shred and Permanently Delete Files with Auslogics
October 26, 2011 If you are concerned about your privacy, you should make sure deleted files are unrecoverable. Learn how Auslogics can help you permanently delete files.
Keep Your Registry Clean
October 19, 2011 Keeping your registry clean is a very important part of computer maintenance. Learn how Auslogics can help you keep your registry clean.

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